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The most ludicrous proposition that modern legal systems have put forward of late (apart from the suggestion that a wife can be 'raped' by her husband - which is so antithetial to biblical morality that it is suprising the proponents of that law were not struck down by thunderbolts), is the concept that a prostitute can be raped, even after she has entered into a contract for services.

Old Man, Internet Infidels 11 Comments [3/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Please die.

12/13/2006 10:20:56 AM


Surprising? Really? You were actually surprised nothing happened? Would you like to think about why nothing happened for a while, or are you just too busy damning people on God's behalf to care?

12/13/2006 10:24:00 AM


A wife CAN be raped by her husband. Sex without consent is rape, PERIOD. It doesn't matter if the victim is married to the rapist, despite what your book of fairytales might say.

Oh, and one more thing, Old Man..
I don't like you. Stop posting.

12/13/2006 9:24:51 PM


I don't recall saying as part of my marriage ceremony that my husband owned my body and could do whatever he wanted with it.

12/13/2006 9:38:26 PM


A restaurant can throw your ass out for stupid/insulting/rude/violent behavior. As a private business, a restaurant doesn't even have to have a reason to throw you out. A prostitute has every right to do exactly the same thing. When anyone, be it man, woman, wife, or prostitute, says no, it means no.


12/13/2006 9:58:21 PM


At least he's an old man, Tarito... won't be too long now. Be patient.

2/7/2007 11:23:35 PM


No. Means. No. Even IF you say yes, if you say 'no' at some later date, it STILL MEANS NO.

Funny how words work, huh?

Go die in a fire.

2/7/2007 11:28:53 PM

Langdon Alger

If it's not actually him, someone should tell this guy about Pete Patriarch.

2/8/2007 4:45:23 PM


Doesn't the fact that none of these people are ever struck by thunderbolts tell you something?
In fact: I'm going to give you a choice.
No thunderbolts=No go
No thunderbolts=No means No.

2/8/2007 9:09:09 PM

TB Tabby

Sex - consent = rape, whether the victim is married to the rapist, a prostitute, or not.

2/8/2007 9:18:37 PM


Besides, I don't recall any part of the marriage ceremony involving the question \"Do you agree to put out whenever your husband demands it, no matter what the circumstances?\"

2/8/2007 9:24:41 PM

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