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(we can not move mountains.)

I would disagree and say the reason we don't see people moving mountains is due to the extreme lack of faith.

in other words lack of people asking or even believing that mountains can be moved.

Paul, Myspace 52 Comments [5/30/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

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Or because it's not possible.

5/30/2007 1:16:08 AM


Sure, keep telling yourself that. You seem to believe you can move mountains; how many have you shifted lately?

5/30/2007 1:26:22 AM


The stupid, it burns.

5/30/2007 1:27:11 AM


Remember, if the bible tells you that you just floated off the ground for ten seconds, you did.

5/30/2007 1:53:30 AM


This sounds like a repeat.

5/30/2007 1:54:07 AM

You eediot.

5/30/2007 2:02:25 AM


No, no, he's right. Remember on Dagobah when Luke said it was impossible to lift the X-Wing? Then Yoda is all \"Size doesn't matter bitch, watch me.\" And the little guy lifted the fucking X-Wing! When Luke didn't have faith that it could be done. Cause it's not the size of the man with the faith, it's the size of the faith in the man.

5/30/2007 2:25:42 AM


Lack of faith?

Or because the energy needed to move mountains could be better spent on stuffs that's, what, worthwhile?

5/30/2007 2:37:42 AM

Doctor Whom

If you have that faith, then demonstrate it for us. Think of what a powerful witness for Christ it will be.

5/30/2007 3:27:34 AM


Then Yoda is all \"Size doesn't matter bitch, watch me.\" And the little guy lifted the fucking X-Wing!

And then told that bitch, \"That's why you fuckin' fail.\"

5/30/2007 3:42:08 AM


I can move a mountain. Get me a permit, ten bulldozers, five tons of high explosives, and a demolitions crew.

Ah, but Yoda had faith in his ability to use the force, not faith in the force itself. There was no need to have \"faith\" in the force, since it was a proven concept - it did observable stuff in a repeatable manner, which Yoda had seen countless times. Luke didn't need to have faith in the force once it was proven to him - then all he needed to do was have faith in himself. [/nerd]

5/30/2007 4:03:04 AM


OK, move a mountain for me. Any mountain, even a little, foothill of a mountain. Do it under controlled conditions so that there can be no doubt that YOU, by the power of your God, actually moved the mountain. Do that and I will become a Christian.

5/30/2007 4:50:31 AM


The reason we don't see people moving mountains is because noone wants to spend that much time using a backhoe and dumptruck.

5/30/2007 5:09:08 AM


\"Your just not praying good enough.\"

\"Try harder\"

5/30/2007 5:18:43 AM


Yet when I believed I tried to move things with my mind (gimme a break, huh? I was brainwashed for fuck's sake!), and since mountains went extinct in North Dakota some 80 years ago, I decided to move rocks, gravel, even bits of sand. I figure I'll start small, you know? Nothing. I believed my innocent and gullible ass off and I got nothin'.

This is another lie that somehow, people think is a true thing! How is it that in 2000 years, no one has done it? Nobody is that believing? IN two thousand years? I mean, no one would even have to see it or know who did it, either the person or the god. It would just happen, and it would have to be dealt with by the community at large. It would obviously be supernatural and thereby some sort of proof that supernatural actually happens, but it never has. Then why do people still preach this like it is true? Good fucking question, Redhunter, I wish I had a good answer for you, but alas I'm fresh out.

5/30/2007 7:04:45 AM


Faith can move mountains.
Yes, she's a big girl.

5/30/2007 7:07:07 AM


Even if it was possible - do you REALLY think God would be pleased when millions of people moving mountains around, fucking up the enviroment, changing the weather and probably using this skill ín warfare??

That piece of the book shouldn't be taken literaly. Duh.

5/30/2007 7:17:26 AM


Surely no one has enough faith to move a whole mountain. But how about a pebble?

5/30/2007 7:25:17 AM


I wonder what other superpowers he believes we have.

5/30/2007 8:30:28 AM

Mr Smith

So your answer is, we can move mountains, but we can't due to an extreme lack of faith?

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember reading something in a holy book about faith the size of a mustard seed...

5/30/2007 9:01:11 AM


Ah Redhunter, good point: you need to go tell Paul exactly that. I'd love to hear his response.

5/30/2007 9:31:16 AM



5/30/2007 10:26:40 AM


So, 100% of the humankind doesn't have enough faith. Well, I was going to say that it was a metaphore but............

5/30/2007 1:28:12 PM


This is right up there with that kid on Gaia who claimed he could throw fireballs and control the weather (sadly, he was serious).

The difference is that I can move mountains; I just need a bigger bulldozer.

5/30/2007 2:13:23 PM


This reminds me of my research design professor's lecture on falsifiability.

Doctors used to use leeches for all manner of ailments.
If the patient got better, they concluded it was because of the treatment.
If the patient got worse, they concluded it was because of the advanced nature of the disease, despite the good the treatment did.

So how can you tell how well the treatment works?

5/30/2007 3:26:11 PM

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