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Constant ignorance just angers me so much...
And belonging to a religion doesn't mean you have to be nice.
Bhuddists kill everyone because "Their God told them to."

finalkeyblader, Gaia Online 111 Comments [5/31/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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buddhists don't kill anyone

3/19/2008 8:08:26 PM


no god. no killing

3/19/2008 10:32:39 PM


Buddhism is, for one, an atheistic religion, and it's against killing people. So where'd you get that marvelous chunk of BS from?

12/15/2008 3:05:21 AM


i think that was on purpose , the point was for it to sound stupid

9/6/2009 3:21:44 PM


lol my bad you guys

6/28/2010 11:22:49 AM


The only time I remember Buddhists killing others was back during a revolution or something like that. The ordinary citizens told them, "If you believe as you do, then you would understand WHY we need you to help us fight." After that, the monks took up arms and joined the battle. They referred to this as "killing with kindness" I think.

Compare with Christianity, which has things like the Crusades and witch hunts under its belt.

6/28/2010 11:48:02 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Wait, what?

6/23/2011 5:53:33 AM


Ah. Buddhism.

Buddhism also has its skeletons in its closet. After all, the Buddhists and the Hindu's didn't get along so well...

Buddhism also came up against the Confucian establishment in China, there was some violence there. Certainly the White Lotus Rebellion in Qing China was centered around the return of the Buddha.

In Japan, Buddhist monasteries would field armoured warriors to enforce their will. Didn't end to well for them though, after the Shogunate popped up.

So, yeah, Buddhism... not perfect... but this? Bloody foolish.

9/23/2011 5:39:28 PM


I didn't know "Bhuddists" had a god.

8/7/2014 11:59:57 AM


What. Just what.

There is no snarky remark I can make that sums up the sheer amount of stupid and irony in this quote.

8/7/2014 2:35:04 PM


"Constant ignorance just angers me so much..."
Nuff said.

8/8/2014 2:08:05 AM

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