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I have no suggestions on what the Cheneys should do in this situation, but I can tell you what I did.

I have a gay daughter and have been loving and accepting of her and her partner, but not of their lifestyle. We have made clear our opinions, but my wife and I do not make life uncomfortable for them because of our opinions.

When they announced that they were going to try and get pregnant, we sat them down and explained our position. We explained why we believed that children should have a mother and a father and told them that, should they go though with this, we would sue for custody of our grandchild. We assured them that living in the South that we had a better than even chance of winning.

Though they were not happy with our decision, they still visited and were welcomed and we have always been welcomed at their home. They thought of moving elsewhere but didn't like any of the places with more liberal laws. (A lesson in how liberalism ruins a place) It has now been eight years and still no babies.

MEGoody, freerepublic 204 Comments [5/31/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Yep, congrats on being a douchebag.

6/1/2009 8:16:48 PM


Fuck you with something that is sharp, rusty, and very, very large. Also, it has to be on fire. And doused with acid. I don't know if something can possibly be on fire and covered in acid, but a fuckwitted asshat of this man's caliber should have the laws of nature changed for him.

10/4/2011 5:56:55 PM

You won't have any grandchildren, and you only have yourself to blame.

10/4/2011 6:27:43 PM


Actually MEGoody you would have ZERO chance of winning custody.

Unless you could show the unfitness of the biological mother (assuming either your daughter or her partner would provide the egg) you would have NO chance.

And if your daughter wasn't the biological mother then, until she became a legal guardian, you would have no standing.

So I encourage your daughter to go "Fuck you, guess what you're never seeing your grandchild." and have her baby.

10/4/2011 6:42:38 PM

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