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Girls and boys should not interact with each other until they are married.

ayisha b, Yahoo Answers 43 Comments [5/31/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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I once read one of my brother's Dragonball comics, where the hero encounters a girl and is utterly perplexed by her anatomy, primarily her lack of testicles. This... reminds me of that book.

5/31/2007 9:20:32 PM


ayisha is a liberal. As a conservative, I don't believe that girls and boys should interact with each other even after marraige.

5/31/2007 9:24:11 PM


This, of course, would prevent them from ever getting married unless it was arranged by their parents.

5/31/2007 9:24:57 PM

Marty McFly

A guess this means that a girl should not interact with her brothers - and a boy should not interact with his sisters.

5/31/2007 9:29:44 PM


@Marty McFly

That's kinda liberal. Strictly speaking, a boy should not interact with his mother either... until he has married her so they can have many more little fundies.

5/31/2007 9:34:53 PM


H.H. And I don't think they should interact at all! Ever! Babies can be made using invitro(sp?). :P

5/31/2007 9:39:24 PM


Marching Proudly into the 12 Century Award?

5/31/2007 9:50:14 PM



5/31/2007 9:58:25 PM

Yet here you are, interacting with millions of people of both genders reading what you just wrote. D'oh :P

5/31/2007 10:15:29 PM


If the word \"interact\" was supposed to be \"intercourse\", well then, yeah, meh, I guess.

5/31/2007 10:18:59 PM


Marching Proudly into the 12 Century Award?

I don't know...I think even in the 12th Century they put more thought into what they said than this tard did.

5/31/2007 10:19:57 PM


Gonna be hard for them to get married then, won't it? Or do you propose a system of arranged marriages?

5/31/2007 10:26:03 PM


So they can both say for the first time they see each other naked: \"Ew what's that?\"

5/31/2007 10:32:13 PM


Or maybe not even then. Who says the Shakers are dead?

5/31/2007 10:46:11 PM


OH NOES! Not the opposite sex!

5/31/2007 10:48:56 PM


But this doesn't say anything about girls and girls, or boys and boys, 'interacting' with each other, whether married or not. :D :D :D

5/31/2007 10:56:00 PM


Ya just broke your own rule.

5/31/2007 11:10:02 PM


Yeah, that'll make for a good marriage. [/sarcasm]

5/31/2007 11:19:21 PM

I am not Dr. Cox

5/31/2007 11:24:12 PM


Oh dear God...

5/31/2007 11:36:39 PM


Bubble Children!

5/31/2007 11:39:01 PM


So what do you propose to do about twins of different sexes in utero?

5/31/2007 11:42:38 PM


Hooray for the collapse of society!

Without any intergender interaction, these kids will grow up with completely warped views of the other gender, leading to all sorts of crazy psychological crap. Not to mention you are basically suggesting that all women hide at home (it's always the women of course) to avoid contact with men who aren't their husbands.

5/31/2007 11:43:49 PM


To Adam. She doesn't say anything about homosexuality in that topic, but if you read her previous posts, You'll see that she's opposed to it.

6/1/2007 1:04:58 AM


If only they could abide by their own ridiculous rules, there might be fewer of these retards around to put up with.

6/1/2007 2:11:10 AM

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