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I think it's sad that a Christian Bible teacher believes the world is "overpopulated". I think it's especially sad that the Word of God is being used to defend the "overpopulation" theory. IMO "overpopulation" is a lie of Satan and it's sad to see so many Christians believing this. For one thing no one can say for definite how many people will be on earth in 400 years time (assuming the Lord hasn't returned by then). I read where back in the 70s it was thought the earth would have a population of 8 billion by the year 2000 but it was in fact 6 billion. Plus by claiming there are too many people sounds as if God made a mistake by creating so many people and as we all know God never makes mistakes. Also, as one previous poster said "overpopulation" is used to promote abortion along with many other evils. Anyway even IF the world is "overpopulated" the events of Revelation will certainly solve that problem!

Jakki, Rapture Ready 31 Comments [8/19/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Yeah, tell the starving kids and their parents where the population exceeds the food supply that they're supposed to suffer since god never makes mistakes. They're too weak to beat the shit out of you.

8/19/2005 3:27:03 PM


Politics. North America could actually feed the world a few times over. So instead of causing an economic collapse by giving our surplus to the needy, we throw it out.

And those starving kids would just get lazy. We wouldn't want that now, would we?

8/19/2005 3:55:50 PM

Francois Tremblay

I hate to side with a right-wing fanatic, but if liberals like the both of you wouldn't scare the third-world out of adopting Golden Rice and other GM crops, hunger would be on the way out right now. Fortunately there are still engineered foods (although not GM) helping over there that are not being suppressed, like Plumpy'nut.

8/20/2005 1:33:54 AM


Have you checked what Monsanto is doing to the Amercian farmer?

8/20/2005 12:22:22 PM


Like Fran said, it's your fault Spaz and Rime, now you should apologize for starving millions of people!

8/20/2005 4:45:35 PM

Francois Tremblay

\"Have you checked what Monsanto is doing to the Amercian farmer?\"

Your whiny American farmers are more important than millions of lives in the third-world ? Stupid liberal.

8/20/2005 6:23:56 PM


I hate to point it out, but there are a lot of liberals, such as myself, and most of my friends, who are proponents of GM foods.
And I've met conservatives who are against GM foods. Funny how applying such labels to people doesn't actually automatically clarify their opinion on GM foods...

8/24/2005 1:37:33 AM

Francois Tremblay

\"there are a lot of liberals, such as myself, and most of my friends, who are proponents of GM foods.\"

Then you might simply be confused... One tenent of liberalism, is hatred of the third-world through anti-science rhetoric and cultural tribalism (anti-globalization rhetoric).

8/25/2005 8:17:19 AM

Francois Tremblay

I forgot to mention that the DDT ban, that kills millions in developing countries due to the now unchecked proliferation of malaria, is another liberal policy. It's ok to kill people if it's in the name of \"the environment\".

8/25/2005 8:44:19 AM

Hellbound Alleee

I love how he said that theres no such thing as overpopulation, then tunrs around and says ìf there is, then the rapture will take care of it!

Classic. But claiming overpopulation is defintiely not the way to support reproductive rights.

PS: All edible food is GM. Look in your backyard garden.

8/26/2005 2:40:05 AM


You can make all the claims you want about what \"liberals\" believe, and what the tenets of \"liberalism\" are, Francois, but I'd imagine all that straw must get expensive...

8/27/2005 10:07:59 AM

Francois Tremblay

Yea, that's great, but it's not a straw man when it's true. The fact that YOU still want to be a liberal and ignore the evils in your beliefs, just like \"liberal Christians\" do, doesn't make you a better person than the fanatic liberal who fights against freedom in the third-world.

8/27/2005 9:56:04 PM

Francois Tremblay

\"Francois, you must not be an American,\"

And I thank Providence for that every day.

\"because here in the States the liberals are stereotyped as caring too much for third-world countries.\"

Funny. I know what liberals are *supposed* to be. But the fact is that they don't care about the third-world. They fight against globalization, against GM foods, against anti-pollution schemes based on spreading technology instead of restricting industry, against lower drug prices in the third-world, against DDT, and all sorts of other measures that would help the third-world.

Once again, if you don't agree with these principles, then it does you well to be reminded that you support a belief system that does. Just like a Republican might not support the war on terrorism, or the drug war, or the death penalty, but he supports a belief system that does nevertheless.

8/28/2005 5:31:14 AM

Francois Tremblay

I also forgot to mention that liberals support giving foreign aid to dictatorships instead of their suffering populace. That's a great one. Anyone who thinks liberals support the third-world just has no idea what he's talking about.

For the record, I don't think conservatives have anything worthwhile to say on the topic either. No statist politician - old rich white men driving SUVs, liberal OR conservative - gives a damn about the third-world except to sound more \"compassionate\".

8/28/2005 5:35:04 AM


I'm impressed, Francois. I said that I'm a liberal, and you go off about things that politicians of a party I don't actually support, support.
Geez, I said I was liberal, not a democrat. I'd think that people who live outside the US would be able to make a distinction between the two. Appearantly, though, I'd be wrong.

8/29/2005 3:39:36 AM


I didn't realize that I was scaring the third world. I hadn't mentioned a single thing about Monsanto.

Although patenting seeds and telling farmers they aren't allowed to use them, creating seeds that will only grow with Monsanto fertilizers are projects they are involved in.

Doesn't mean that genetic engineering is bad, it's the way they applied it.

8/30/2005 4:33:11 AM

Francois Tremblay

Hey Rime. You mean they are actually USING THEIR PATENTS and DEVELOPING PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY ? Why, the curs ! They are pure evil ! Is this the extent to which liberals understand economy 101 ?

8/31/2005 1:09:19 AM

Francois Tremblay

The fact is, any liberal on this site who is laughing at the Christians, is a hypocrite, because his belief system is no better than the Christian's...

Christianity and liberalism are both based on the same collectivism, the same abnegation of the individual values that are the basis of the Western way of life : individual expression of values, material wealth, progress, fair justice, and most importantly science.

Christianity and liberalism are both dedicated to an unrelenting, organized attack against science and its strict adherence to the facts. To the Christian, this adherence to facts goes in the face of blind belief in a deity, and to the liberal, this adherence to facts goes in the face of blind belief in the \"common good\". Both have no problems with pious lying or violence in the name of their \"ideals\".

Christianity is founded on the sacrifice of individual values in the name of an almighty God. LIberalism is founded on the sacrifice of individual values in the name of an almighty state/democracy/\"common good\". The only difference is that religion is often spurred by personal experience and is thus generally more personal in nature than political beliefs. But this is a relatively small difference in the face of their gigantic similarities. To most of the reasons to be religious (except the \"afterlife\"), one can draw a similar liberal parallel.

9/1/2005 7:42:08 AM


François: selon Webster:

Liberalism: \"one of several ideologies that claims individual liberty to dissent from orthodox tenets or established authorities in political or religious matters, in contrast to conservatism.\"

I don't see how this goes AGAINST individual rights. Liberalism is about beign against dogmatic conservatism. So there.

10/6/2005 4:02:54 PM


"God made a mistake by creating so many people and as we all know God never makes mistakes"

Maybe Satan overpopulated the Earth with all his vaginaseckz.

In this case, God is doing his best with natural disasters to tell us what's going on, but we're not listening.

You stupid freaking Christians...

1/20/2008 6:05:50 AM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

I am not a liberal, not I think that these companies can not help the poor since the crops are more needy, expensive and will cause lock-in effects since you can not use parts of the harvest again for sowing in the next year.

7/26/2008 3:17:37 PM


Jakki, I don't feel like paying any attention to a bronze-age hallucination. We rationalists find it wise to take measures to prevent your beloved apocalypse.

I know, I know, we're persecuting you.

7/26/2008 5:26:14 PM

Liberals have this irrational need to defend ass-ramming faggots and they will go as far as to make up psuedoscientific bullshit like "overpopulation" in order to makethem look good. With todays outbreak of homosexuality there can be no overpopulation,underpopulation is a bigger problem.

7/26/2008 5:48:14 PM


^You're a fucking moron.

7/26/2008 7:12:43 PM

@ 637235:

"... there can be no overpopulation,underpopulation is a bigger problem."

Go to Calcutta and say that, you imbecile.

8/11/2008 1:30:54 AM

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