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while the tribulation is playing out? Will we be worshipping and praising God, will we have window seats and big screen televisions to watch the trib like Fox News?

Momoftwo, Rapture Ready 8 Comments [8/19/2005 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

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O'Reilly is a heathen follower of the pope. More likely Jesus will show up on Greta's show and ask for advice on suing the Jewish Nation on a wrongful death charge.

8/21/2005 6:48:31 PM


You know you're an American Christian Conservative when you envision Fox News being part of Heaven.

12/23/2011 6:41:32 AM


No, it will only be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel.

12/25/2011 2:47:11 AM


Funny thing about this is I just saw an excerp from a Christopher Hitchens debate where his opponent tried to difuse Hitchens "Christianity is just wishful thinking" theory. "Why would there be a Hell in such a desire?" he said, sure of himself.

"So the righteous can watch the rest suffer, we hear it in their preaching often" Hitchens replied.

I've seen this concept from RaptureReady quotes SOOO many times now. Heaven wouldn't be Heaven to them unless they can witness others suffering

12/25/2011 5:55:29 AM


@ Canadiest

Good point. You know there must be something dreadfully wrong with people when their idea of heaven is other people's eternal anguish. How is that much different from relishing in torturing the living right here on earth?

12/25/2011 10:21:45 AM

Crimson Lizard

You heard it here first, people: To fundies, the end of the world is the entertainment event of the year!

Of course, it never enters Momoftwo's tiny mind that she may not get a front-row seat to the apocalypse, but have to suffer through it with the rest of us... it'd almost be worth it just to see her face!

5/8/2012 5:51:34 PM


Because you'll be happily masturbating to the view of carnage.

9/3/2012 8:00:58 PM

Crest of the Remorhaz

Thor's fiery beard, Momoftwo, those are both some of the saddest Heavens I've ever heard described.

1/4/2014 2:09:06 AM

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