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Then you have the abortion pill, RU486. Which, by the way, says it can cause sudden death. Death in the unborn, as well as the mother. How? RU486 works like rat poison. You see, rat poison kills the rat by making it's blood so then, the rat bleeds to death internally. Ru 486 works the same way to kill the unborn child. Problem is, there's a 50% chance it may kill the mother as well. By making her internally bleed to death. And it has happened. Both mother and baby die, and for what reason? Money.

Admin3, Evolution Fairytale Forum 23 Comments [8/22/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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God damn, it's an emergency contraceptive, THERE IS NO BABY YET, IT HAS NO VEINS, IT'S A MICROSCOPIC LUMP OF CELLS. They keep it from attaching to the uterus. Last I checked, rat poison wasn't used to keep fertilized eggs from attaching to the uterus.

8/23/2005 2:49:27 PM


If it was 50%, you'd have a hell of a lot more deaths than there have been from this. One has been reported that I know of, and I wouldn't be all that shocked if there have been a few more. You mean to tell me there have been only 10 or so people who've even tried it?

8/23/2005 4:03:52 PM


Rat poison. What? If they're still using strictnine, all your muscles fire at once and don't get the signal to turn off. All your bones break from the stess and you die by suffocation.

If this \"abortion\" pill is anything like the one my ex used several years ago, it's got nasty side effects because it's a big dose of hormones, but death would indeed be very rare.

The effects might last 48 hours.

Spaz, I agree with you 100%, but we have to remember that fundamentalist Christians consider that microscopic lump of cells to be life, and therefore must be protected.

8/24/2005 5:02:05 PM


Spaz, this isn't the morning after pill. It is medical abortion, but it's very very safe and I'm all for it!

The Facts - Mifepristone/RU 486 - Abortion

35 Countries use Mifepristone
Mifepristone is widely used and has been approved by 35 countries including the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Tunisia and New Zealand.(1)

21 million women use it
It has been used by over 21 million women worldwide.(2)
In the US where mifepristone has been available since 2000 (for five years) there have been 530,000 medical abortions using Mifepristone.(3)
In that time, five years, there have been four deaths from septic shock (4)
The total number of abortions in the US in 2002 was 854,122.(5) The number of medical abortions was 36,297 which is 4.2%. (Mifepristone is the drug used to induce medical abortion in almost all cases.)

Some interesting comparisons
In the US there were 27 deaths caused by aspirin in 2000.(6) By contrast there were four deaths possibly related to the use of Mifepristone over five years.
(The Clostridium sordellii infection which caused the deaths is also responsible for deaths in situations unrelated to medical abortion.)

Deaths due to pregnancy
In the US in 2002 there were 357 maternal deaths.(7)

11/25/2006 5:25:10 PM


50% chance huh?
Then the twenty million or so doses of RU486 that have been prescribed in the US have resulted in ten million deaths? Man, I must have missed that news story.

2/18/2009 8:14:53 PM


What percentage of statistics are totally bogus?

2/18/2009 8:44:31 PM

"...rat poison kills the rat by making it's blood..."

WTF does this even mean?

2/18/2009 10:52:34 PM

there's a 50% chance it may kill the mother as well

I just did a Google search, and can find reference to only 7 women in the USA dying from RU486 complications.

Call me a cynic, but I think there have been slightly more than 14 people who have used this drug.

2/18/2009 10:56:26 PM



It's a known fact that 93.8% of all stats are pulled out of the poster's ass on the spot.

2/18/2009 10:58:47 PM


Lying for Jeebus still going strong, then?

2/18/2009 11:13:29 PM


'...rat poison kills the rat by making it's blood so then, the rat bleeds to death internally.'


2/19/2009 7:03:31 AM

G. Fieendish

Lets hope that Admin3 does'nt have a heart problem, as i seem to recall that Warfarin is used to thin the patient's blood, as part of the medical treatment...

2/19/2009 9:23:40 PM


How can something that doesn't have a circulatory system (think *blood*) internally bleed to death?

2/20/2009 3:53:31 AM

Sheik yer Bouti

Warfarin (which I take every day) does not thin the blood.

It slows clot formation.

Too much is deadly. But that is true with anything. Even water.

2/20/2009 4:04:58 AM


The FDA would be on that shit in a heart beat. Even a 5% death rate is unacceptable.

7/31/2011 3:55:37 PM

Quantum Mechanic

More lies.

8/3/2011 8:53:29 AM


Spaz, this isn't the morning after pill. It is medical abortion, but it's very very safe and I'm all for it!<<

Mifepristone is used both as an emergency contraceptive (that is, a morning after pill), and as an aborifacient in the first two months of pregnancy. Mifepristone is not used as an emergency contraceptive in the US, but is approved for that use in China and in Russia.

Wikipedia provides the following statistics:

*Effectiveness in terminating pregnancy: 98.5% - 99.9%, depending on how long far along the pregnancy is.

*In the past 10 years, in the USA, 14 women have died and 612 required hospitalization as a result of the drug, primarily due to excessive bleeding.

*There were roughly 800000 abortions/year in the USA in this interval (the number has been decreasing slowly with time). ~8% of those used RU486.

So: 14 deaths out of 640000 cases. The risk of the mother's death associated with the drug is therefore 0.002%. Is that low enough that we don't need to worry about it?

8/3/2011 11:33:48 AM


Lies, damned lies, and statistics that some fundie asshole yanked straight out of his ass.

8/3/2011 11:47:29 PM

Martine R

As an atheist pro-lifer, these religious nuts with their moronic lies make me look like a nut when I say I'm against abortion. People like this need to fuck right off.
Don't like abortion? Don't get one. Abortion is legal in many countries so if you live in one of those countries people aren't doing anything wrong by having abortions, so whether you like it or not it happens and the majority are fine with it.

8/4/2011 12:21:05 AM


How is "money" the reason both died? Medical abortion is both a safe and a cheap way to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Like others have said, it's more dangerous to take an aspirin...

Here's a typical "unborn child"around the time when most medical abortions happen. Isn't it cute, Admin3?

A mother is someone who has given birth to a child, which is why pregnant people usually say "I'm going to be a mother in x months".

4/26/2015 3:22:51 AM

fatality rate of 1 death in 120,000

There are other options for emergency contraceptives.

It does not work like warfarin as far as I can tell.

4/26/2015 10:16:40 AM

The reason is women making a choice that they dont want a pregnancy, with all the risks that entails, may not be able to support a child or lose the income that a pregnancy would cause.

Society says that women have that right and therefore abortions are legal. Get over it.

I dont like the "its only a clump of cells" arguement either because at fertilization its presumably a viable human if allowed to grow.

4/26/2015 10:20:44 AM


If it had a 50% death rate it would be used.

4/26/2015 12:01:17 PM

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