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now no offense to catholics but is it ok for a christian girl to marry a catholic guy??

Heavenlierealm, Rapture Ready 27 Comments [8/22/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Man, I'm not catholic or protestant, but damn am I tired of protestants acting like catholics aren't christian. They were even first for christ's sake and they act like they were the ones that changed the religion.

8/23/2005 2:51:22 PM


Whatever it takes to make them \"right.\"

The Catholic Church has been guilty of abuses in the past (and defending many of those.) The Reformation was the result of a Middle Ages revolution, but now it's hard to tell a Conservative Protestant from an Inquisitor.

Recent years, the Catholics have softened up a bit because they see what kind of damage hardline Protestants have done. They even came forward and made an official apology for the abuses of the Inquisition. As far as I know, only Jerry Falwell has made an apology for his remarks that gays, athiests and feminists caused the WTC disaster.

Still, you'll find some Catholics who play this same kind of attitude from their viewpoint.

Still, this makes for an interesting social commentary.

Something about \"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.\"

8/24/2005 5:22:10 PM


No. Only marry within your class, colour, religion and denomination. Integration and tolerance is the work of Satan.

Seriously, some people...

2/3/2007 4:19:53 PM


is it ok for a christian girl to marry a christian boy? sure i dont see why not.

2/3/2007 4:58:47 PM


You've got that same crucified guy on your wall, right? No problems integrating household decor, then.

2/3/2007 5:24:35 PM


This reminds me of the girl I knew several years back who claimed she (a white girl) was having an interracial relationship by dating an Italian guy.

3/1/2007 1:51:22 AM


I think the real question is: do they love each other, treat each other with respect, and have at least a few things in common?

3/1/2007 2:43:50 AM


Depends if she's Ok with having kids till her uterus collapses I suppose!

Oh wait, you're one of those idiots that think birth control's bad too, but to top that insanity you think Catholics aren't Christians.


3/1/2007 4:37:46 AM


Actually, if he wants to have a Mass wedding, no.

3/1/2007 7:47:35 PM

Kitourahime Yaoiomake

Do the crazies always come out around my birthday?

6/21/2008 5:19:55 AM

Milking the Catz

Rofl why is this coming from RaptureReady?

6/21/2008 6:14:26 AM


Catholics usually do marry Christians, as they usually marry other Catholics, who are Christians.

6/21/2008 7:24:03 AM


I do take offense. My mother's father (Protestant) married a Catholic girl, and my father's mother (also Protestant) married a Catholic guy. Both converted when they married, which is why some of these idiots have such a problem with it. It could have gone the other way. Needles to say, if they hadn't, neither of my parents would be here, nor, gulp, would I.

6/21/2008 3:38:11 PM


I don't know; is it ok for a white girl to marry an Irishman?

6/21/2008 3:40:37 PM



6/21/2008 3:57:06 PM

I don't know, is it okay for a North Korean girl to marry a South Korean guy?

6/23/2008 4:52:47 PM



7/11/2008 6:05:16 PM


Only if their ceremony is naked and Pagan.

7/11/2008 7:37:51 PM


Catholic is Christian, so yes.

Even if you've confused Christian with Protestant, still yes! Come on...

10/17/2008 1:44:38 AM


Catholics are Christians.

10/17/2008 1:49:58 AM


Aren't they both christian? And should it matter if they are of different religions?

8/2/2011 1:05:43 PM

Both they are Christian. I personally know three couples like that.

1/4/2012 12:47:15 PM


Offense taken, asshole.

5/19/2013 8:23:51 PM


Yes, a Christian girl can marry a Christian guy. More important though; "are they in love, do they share interest, have they similar goals in life, have they tried living together"?

I was raised protestant, sort of, and no-one ever divided into Christians and Catholics, as far as I remember. I was taught that it was the Protestants who broke out of the Catholic church and that Jesus was Jewish.

5/19/2013 11:24:46 PM

Baked Goods

Right... now call me presumptuous, but firstly, I think you meant to call yourself "heavenly-realm" instead of the somewhat ironic "heaven-lie-realm".

Secondly, no offense to you, but anyone who considers religious sect as a significantly decisive factor in matrimony, is a bit of a dolt.

5/20/2013 5:26:28 PM

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