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Since there is no credible conventional explanation for the geological layers, it amazes me when people say there is no evidence for a global flood when they are probably standing on it right now. Wasn't there a classic novel about hiding things in plain sight?

Socratism, Theology Web 11 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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This is the most vague comment I've ever read. Except for the outright lie at the beginning.

Maybe do some God damned research, you stupid shit.

2/22/2008 7:37:03 PM

Caustic Gnostic

There is evidence for dirt, yes.

2/22/2008 7:41:13 PM


In plain sight?

I think that's a crime story.

so's this

2/22/2008 10:47:18 PM

Dr. Shrinker

"Wasn't there a classic novel about hiding things in plain sight?"

It was, "The Purloined Letter," a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. You clearly know as much about literature as you do about geology.

12/7/2008 12:52:45 AM

Allegory for Jesus

40 days of flooding DOES NOT explain geological layers. Not only is it not credible, it is completely nonsensical.

7/26/2010 9:32:19 AM


The Da Vinci Code is not a classic. Your argument is invalid.

7/9/2011 10:49:16 AM


Plate tectonics and erosion are responsible for geological layers. Potholer already did a great on why a global flood cannot possibly create anything other than a single layer with a gradient from small stuff at the top to big stuff collecting at the bottom.

9/9/2011 9:58:37 AM


>>there is no credible conventional explanation for the geological layers,<<


You Fail Geology Forever.

9/9/2011 11:53:51 AM


decaying organic matter and time. Easy.

9/9/2011 6:24:22 PM

Sentry Gun

Pluging your ears with your fingers singing "LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU" through your whole scolarship does not count as "no credible explanation".

12/28/2011 12:09:56 AM


Just pull a vague argument out of your ass. That'll help prove your point. 9_9

12/28/2011 1:02:45 AM

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