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As for the bones with 'teeth marks', while it does seem to be from carnivore teeth marks, the marks may have been caused from acidic sediment. The marks also could have been caused from sharp objects that were undoubtedly thrown around by the swirling waters of the flood. These dinosaurs had to have been swirled around, like clothes in a washing machine, in this catastrophic flood.

look, Christian Forums 4 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Uhhhh then why do the carnivore teeth fit perfectly in to the grooves of the wounds? Including seration marks...

Once again, if there ever was a global flood there would be scars all over the earth's surface from it. Guess what? There aren't.

2/2/2007 9:12:21 PM


Reach! Reeeeeeach! You can do it!

10/5/2007 4:32:27 PM

Crimson Lizard

Weakest explanation evar.

2/10/2011 1:56:06 AM


Or they could have been caused by teeth.

A much more likely explanation given that teeth marks are pretty self-explanatory and the flood could not have fucking happened.

2/10/2011 2:43:24 AM

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