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God clearly instructs us to worship Himself... the Holy Trinity. If you do not then you worship another God and this is called Idolatory which condemns you to Hell. Thus explains the reason why Jews and Muslims go to Hell.

russell182, POD Warrior Forum 10 Comments [8/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Please learn how to properly use the word \"himself.\"
The only passage in the Bible which supports the Trinity, in I John 5:7-8, is a forgery added centuries after I John was originally written (see Bart Ehrman's latest book or Dennis McKinsey's Biblical Errancy web site).

2/23/2006 10:08:47 PM


So 'god' singular, instructs us to worship, 'himself' also singular, and you equate this to a trinity?

Statues and paintings of mary, jesus, saints, not to mention crucifixes and crosses of all shapes and colours, alters, bells, angels and shitloads of other christian imagary aren't idols? Then on top of it you claim superiourity to the other two religions that use your same book as their holy reference? What exactly makes you an expert on anything?

7/10/2006 9:15:49 AM


Posting rubbish on the net is called stupidity and condemns you as a moron!

7/10/2006 9:27:17 AM

Napoleon the Clown

How do you know you're worshipping the right God?

7/10/2006 1:32:47 PM


Napoleon - Satan told him...

7/11/2006 1:37:26 AM


Idolatry is the worship of statues and objects (like in Catholicism!), not the worship of other gods.
What you're thinking of is 'paganism.'

3/28/2007 7:14:30 PM


Hey ya'll, Hell party!

2/19/2008 5:46:15 PM


Another christian being a dick

How surprising

7/17/2010 10:07:27 PM


Well, a Jew or Muslim would say the same thing about you. You're all equally wrong anyway.

9/18/2011 12:48:46 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Jews, Muslims and Christians all worship the same nonexistent, bullshit god, fucktard.

10/1/2013 11:19:36 AM

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