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[Replying to 'Hell is bullshit']

Uh, I heard recent "scientific" discovery that the core of our earth...that's right, that hot, steaming core. Apparently, some scientists shoved some microphone below the earth's surface, and they recorded agonizing screams of human misery.

Not to mention the irrefutable Nine Gates of Hell scattered around the earth. If you're skeptical, may I suggest that you visit at least one of them?

Machina WEAPON, GameFAQs 43 Comments [8/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Please go out and find a clue.

2/23/2006 10:11:47 PM

mad dog

How dare you criticize him? The National Enquirer said it, so it must be true!

3/4/2006 4:34:59 PM


I read about that too-in the Weekly World News. If Machina believes that it's true, than I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell them.

5/4/2006 7:00:45 PM

David D.G.

\"The irrefutable Nine Gates of Hell\"?!? Please, what tabloid article, B-movie, or videogame did this fool mistake for a geography lesson?

~David D.G.

5/4/2006 9:37:16 PM


Oh of course, not to mentions the IRREFUTABLE nine gates of hell!

What is your problem with reality? Are not the dangers of our planet enough for your bloodthirsty mind? How do you read or dream up something like this and expect everyone else to accept it as fact? Do you like blurring the edges of reality? Get a grip, dipshit.

7/6/2006 6:15:14 AM


I went to the only one I knew about for certain, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20500.

Some suit with weird glasses wouldn't let me in because I wasn't on their list.

7/6/2006 6:52:44 AM


You seem to be confusing fictional stories with real life.
The claim about the scientists is false.
The Nine Gates of Hell appear primarily in sci-fi and fantasy books. Their (fictional) locations only appear in similar works of literature, comic books, movies and video games.

Your credibility is null.

3/28/2007 7:19:47 PM


...shoving microphone into that hot steaming core...Yeah, I'd expect to hear screaming from that...

This one isn't fundie, just a gamer.

3/28/2007 7:27:24 PM


Where do I sign up for an ice-cream concession?

3/29/2007 4:41:31 PM


LOL, I always wondered what kid of nuts bought those papers you see at the check out stand.

3/29/2007 5:52:56 PM

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

The microphone was shoved up your ass.

3/29/2007 6:47:06 PM

red cat

Isn't it funny how fundamentalists hate science... unless it seems to reinforce their theories (and only their theories. If it supports any opposing view, it's false).

Also, that's one heck of a microphone, to be able to survive the boiling lakes of fire (or whatever) in hell!

5/11/2007 8:46:49 AM


\"irrefutable Nine Gates of Hell\"
Coolest. Fing. Phrase. Ever.
That is so going to be the new swear word in my house.

5/11/2007 9:48:52 AM


no one has ever dug or drilled past the earth's crust you fucktart

5/11/2007 10:06:45 AM


Just... wow.

5/11/2007 10:09:23 AM


The "Scientists discover Hell" thing was BS, and is not accepted at all, and I have never heard of these Gates, is that where I should queue up?

10/10/2007 11:26:32 AM


To scream, you must have vocal chords, they would simply burn up. Nine Gates of Hell? Do you care to give me a gate to one of them, it would be one of the most bad ass vacation ever.

10/10/2007 11:32:13 AM

Mr. Humphrees

There was a hoax concerning that story - the location of hell was in Russia or something. Alot of religious - excuse me, people with a personal relationship with Jesus, - well, alot of them fell for the story. Story was debunked, but it looks like its the gift that keeps on giving - kind of like that shining path bullshit story.

Snopes it if your interested.

10/11/2007 2:15:39 AM

Doctor Fishcake

Haha, I love it when fundies fall hook line and sinker for the mighty Siberia hoax!

10/11/2007 3:18:41 AM


That's not "recent", moron. I think it began making the rounds about the same time Hookhand was gutting people at Lover's Lane.

1/30/2008 4:44:26 AM



HEY! I take offense to that. Not every gamer has the tenuous grasp on reality that seems to be so commonly attributed to us. Please think before you make such sweeping generalizations.

1/30/2008 5:10:39 PM

Philbert McAdamia

"Apparently" says you. Well, that's good enough for me, it must be true.
Where are these 9 gates of Hell? Is Southgate one of them?

1/30/2008 6:01:05 PM


@David: Oblivion, maybe?
Actually, I don't think so, cause that game's way too good for fundies to bother with it.

1/30/2008 6:04:11 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"Nine Gates of Hell"

New York
Los Angeles

1/30/2008 6:16:24 PM

Father Heathen

Silly little squirt.

1/30/2008 7:03:35 PM

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