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Sad, so many souls lost cause in their religious pride(just like other cults) they would rather hide their heads in the sand and hope they are right, rahter than face the truth. Joe Smith was deceived by satan and he now resides in hell with many dead followers.

Elizabeth_S, Rapture Ready 3 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Allegory for Jesus

"My cult keeps our souls nice and found in our religious pride because we hide our heads in mud! That way, if there's a sudden gust of wind, our head will still remain hidden!"

10/2/2010 6:26:16 PM


And this is why Mitt Romney, despite being sane and a great GOP candidate, still fails in the primaries.

Get the fundies out of the GOP!

6/20/2011 4:48:19 PM


You wish. Your GOP is loaded with these theology freaks right now. Locked and loaded, God and guns, fucked in the head deligates.

Honestly, you fucks put these brain-dead fucks in office again we Canadians will HAVE TO respond. If we don't we fail as peacekeepers

6/20/2011 6:03:14 PM

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