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Another example, recently around 100 people died in a night club. No surprise there, we teach our young people to stay away from places like that. So if a lot of people die in a night club or a dance hall, then that confirms for us what we already believe, that it is the will of God for us to be Holy, Pure, Sanctifed, set apart from the world and not to go to places like that.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 12 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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He is probably refering to the Station Club fire in Warwick. That was a result of pyrotechnics hitting sound reducing foam. What an asshole. How many people have died in churches?

6/24/2006 3:27:38 PM


Yeah I was thinknig about all the people that gathered in churches for protection and then got massacred.

6/24/2006 3:42:19 PM

Darwin's Lil' Girl

That's interesting...Because whenever a hurricane/tornado strikes (and once it's past the trailor park) it's almost always the upstanding side of town, with no night clubs, dance halls, ect. (y'know, the place with the church) that gets hit.
Besides, I bet if the face of the Virgin Mary appeared on one of it's walls, you'd be flocking to it like sheep.

12/17/2007 5:39:38 PM


Vultures! FUCKING vultures.

12/17/2007 8:34:17 PM


I'm sure those patrons deserved it, right?

12/18/2007 1:31:31 AM

Philbert McAdamia

I love the story about lightning rods. Ben Franklin tried to get people to put them on their buildings, which worked well except the churches, of course, poo-pooed the evil things as Devil's work and refused to install them. Bennie was an atheist. Hence many, many churches have been rendered asunder by lightning Ha HAH! Boy, that sciencin' is some kinda wicked stuff.

12/18/2007 2:46:42 AM


You've convinced me. I'll never dance again.


12/18/2007 3:17:29 AM



Guilty feelings got no rhythm.

12/18/2007 4:55:40 AM


I grew up in Providence. You want to see God? Show your glee to my friends and me. You'll get there sooner.

12/18/2007 5:47:48 PM

Shall we go burn some churches on Sunday?

12/18/2007 6:25:53 PM


But when a school or hospital caves in its a terrible tragedy that had nothing to do with God, huh?

7/18/2011 2:49:17 PM


Work Houses in the garment industry even in America have killed ten times over all nightclub disators. Just as 100 times easily in this century have died on passenger cruisers (alone, not to mention freight and military losses )then gambling boats or ferrys.

If anything your God seems to spread disastor everywhere, certainly doesn't favor any church denominations as you've all had disastors where many have died

7/18/2011 3:44:07 PM

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