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This because evolutionists are acting CONSISTENTLY with a world view that says we are just rearranged pond scum, so there is no transcendent source of objective morality. Therefore it is perfectly CONSISTENT with their world view to bear false witness. After all, morality is merely some chemical process in the brain that conferred some survival advantage on their alleged ape-life ancestors. Conversely, creationists have strong motivation to be truthful, because Jesus is 'the truth' (John 14:6). So on this grounds alone, it makes more sense to trust creationist websites like Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research over the gutter sites run by the infudgels etc.

Socrates, Theology Web 7 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Grey Seer


I'm sorry, I was going to make a scathing remark or two, but realy... Infudgels? I think I'm going to be using that from now on.

12/14/2010 7:11:53 PM

rubber chicken

This 'strong motivation' doesn't seem to be enough to stop creationists from 'bearing false witness' though, does it ?
Certainly from a brief perusal of the sort of comments highlighted on this very website. Comments that are factually incorrect, known to be factually incorrect by those making them, recognised as factually incorrect by those reading them and made by individuals who belive that mendacity and outright falsehood is an acceptable tactic of debate and publically acknowledge that belief.
Why should we trust creationist websites again ?

12/14/2010 9:15:32 PM


First, don't call yourself Socrates, you idiot asswipe. Second, actually learn something about evolution. Third, morality isn't objective, in any sense. Fourth, creationists wouldn't know truth if it bashed them in the head in book form.

12/14/2010 10:44:03 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Genesis is a forgery.
John is a forgery.
Socrates is a lying idiot who couldn't pass a 5th grade science class.

3/29/2012 4:34:15 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Drink some hemlock.

4/25/2012 4:34:05 PM


Lying is sometimes an advantage for survival, most of the time it is not.
Morality is following the laws and not hurting others.

YOU're saying we are just rearranged pond scum, WE're not.

I'd rather trust Wikipedia, than Conservapedia. I don't trust Wikipeida completely either.

4/26/2012 1:10:04 AM

David B.

Even if there were a god, you wouldn't be following an objective morality. Just some unknown person's subjective interpretation of it. This is why what "biblical morality" actually entails has been the subject of disagreements pretty much since it was first set down.

4/26/2012 1:49:33 AM

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