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Actually, Christians have every reason to be honest within their own world view, since Jesus is 'the truth' and He commanded us not to bear false witness. But atheists believe we are just rearranged pond scum with no transcendent source of morality. Therefore lying is perfectly consistent with their world view. That explains many of the posts by atheists on T[heology]W[eb].

Socrates, Theology Web 2 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Allegory for Jesus

Christians have every reason to lie if it furthers their religion, because they are forgiven for their missteps by accepting Jesus, according to same religion. Atheists, however, know that we are accountable to other human beings and misbehavior that can result in problems for other people is not offset by the possibility that our "transcendent source of morality" doesn't really give a fuck about that particular infraction. Lying is consistent with secular morality only if it is truly without negative consequence, and this is rare. Lying is by no means impossible for a Christian, and it is DEFINITELY not a rarity from them.

9/18/2010 8:33:22 AM

Then why weren't you honest in this post?

11/13/2016 5:19:55 PM

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