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I definitely prefer execution [as a punishment for abortion], because the cost of imprisoning 30 million baby murderers for life, would be in the trillions of dollars. Perhaps many states who dont have the death penalty, would change and reinstate the death penalty under the staggering costs of imprisoning so many doctors, nurses, and women.

Susanann, The Straight Dope 24 Comments [5/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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30 million baby murderers?

Does that mean 11% of America is in the abortion business? Screw automitive, media, and computers. Abortion is what keeps this country running.

4/25/2006 9:42:23 AM

David D.G.

It still stupefies me how fundies can claim to be \"pro-life\" so rabidly that they scream for the deaths of people who are INARGUABLY alive. That is not \"pro-life\" at all; it's just pro-BIRTH. What happens after that is, apparently, not their concern.

~David D.G.

4/25/2006 2:17:45 PM


The vast majority of fundamentalist 'pro-lifers' are actually 'pro-punishers'.

4/25/2006 7:09:48 PM


I hope Susanann has an ectopic pregnancy real soon..

12/30/2006 6:54:39 PM


So much for pro-life eh?

12/30/2006 6:56:19 PM


If a pregnant woman drinks and smokes, and goes on to have a miscarriage, that's manslaughter, right? What's the normal punishment for that? 5-10 years?

Or maybe we can just execute those people, too.

3/30/2007 6:36:17 PM


Smokin' Straight Dope again?

3/30/2007 6:38:30 PM


Yes. Because killing somebody for kiling somebody else solves EVERY PROBLEM.

6/23/2008 9:49:26 PM


Pro-lifers for genocide.

6/24/2008 6:38:07 AM


"Choose Life or Die, Motherfucker", at it's most literal.

6/24/2008 7:22:33 AM

Princess Rot

Until you or someone you know wants or needs an abortion.


7/24/2008 6:55:25 PM


So your solution to what you call "death" is more death? I am really sad your mother didn't abort you.

7/24/2008 7:56:34 PM


You do realise it cocts more to execute a prisoner than to sentence him for life, what with the appeals process and all. 30 million is a bit high. I assume you pulled that inflated number out of your ass, but if it costs trillions to imprison all in the family-planning business, how much do you think it will cost for these mass executions?

7/24/2008 11:32:07 PM

T. McGee

And we sure wouldn't want to lock up or punish any freaked out boyfriends who pressured women to get abortions, would we?

And yes, wintermute. While we're at it, we better lock up women who drank coffee before figuring out they were pregnant, too.

11/11/2008 9:52:50 PM


"An eye for an eye will make the world blind" - Gandhi

Jesus understood this too and made similar statements

11/17/2008 1:29:30 AM


Who's with me that Susanann here either has had or will have an abortion at some point in her life?

Just a hunch.

11/17/2008 2:11:41 AM


Susanann's view on the world:

Every life is precious and killing is wrong. Therefore, we it's obvious that the best solution is to kill tons of people.

8/23/2009 2:37:04 PM


So this fundy would actually execute a woman who got an abortion after being raped?

8/23/2009 4:22:19 PM

Capital punishment + Pro-life = :Brain Explodes:

6/7/2010 11:29:25 AM


Or we could continue letting abortions happen because an underdeveloped fetus is not a person.

6/5/2012 4:54:46 PM


So a fetus that has no nervous system or the ability to know it exists is far more important than an actual already living person....?

8/4/2012 6:23:05 PM

when abortion was illegal the Police spent very little time on it. It is now legal in the USA and therefore there are no "baby murderers" if all they have done is had a legal abortion.

8/4/2012 6:54:15 PM

Blue the Thief

Pro-life = Capital punishment....?

8/4/2012 8:02:03 PM


Hey, check out the very next thing she said:

I see no exceptions for those who were raped, or who's life is in danger(except in those cases where the child will surely die anyway - very very rare(and in those cases, a governors pardon is in order).

What a paragon of humanity we have here.

8/4/2012 8:12:57 PM

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