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I believe he is a Muslim at heart. He was raised by a Muslin father, we are told a child's mind is formed in it's ideas in the first two years of life. We all know how Muslim's indoctrinate their kids about JEWS and GENTILES, why would his upbringing been any different?

Removal of the USA lapel pin. Obama does not support the war, now why? He is a Muslim plain and simple. His elegance is to his (false religion) not to the USA. Obama removed the pin to show other Muslim's were his elegance is, people are afraid to call him on this, cause they don't want to offend Muslim's.

Well I not...Mr Obama you were raised as a Muslim and indoctrinated by a Muslim. This makes you a Muslim, all the terrorist attacks have been by Muslim's. Between the age of 20-35, now is this a profile? You better believe it is, do we need to profile?, again better believe we do.

A BELIEVER, Rapture Ready 62 Comments [10/9/2007 6:45:40 AM]
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When you look up the spelling of a word in the dictionary - glance at the meaning as well.

10/9/2007 6:48:18 AM

Tiny Bulcher

I shouldn't think Mr. Obama will care very much for your opinion ... I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing you're not a registered Democrat.

10/9/2007 6:58:32 AM

El Duderino

Seriously, this is just ignorant and racist. Do you find a lot of these types in the U.S.?

10/9/2007 7:14:11 AM

Sideshow Bob

There is so much that is wrong with every part of this quote that I don't even know where to begin. If I ever said anything like this, I would never speak again.

10/9/2007 7:26:41 AM


You, Sir, are a hateful, racist, foolish, lying piece of shit. Way to represent your savior!

10/9/2007 7:26:46 AM


"where his elegance is"?

it took me four readings to realize that was supposed to be "allegiance".

10/9/2007 7:29:30 AM


Yeah, my liberal Muslim friend who is a activist for abortion rights and supports drawing pictures of Muhammad both as a honor to him (plus free speech) is also secretly indoctrinating kids about the JEWS and the GENTILES and that CAPSLOCK is TOTALLY NEATO

10/9/2007 7:37:35 AM

Count Spatula

So he was raised a muslim. That doesn't give him the right to change his mind?

10/9/2007 7:38:45 AM


Obamas mother is a white Christian from Kansas. She had no say in his upbringing? As for Obamas elegance, yes he i quite an elegant man.

10/9/2007 7:38:53 AM


Darn it. Supposed to be at questionmrk after second sentence.

10/9/2007 7:42:14 AM


I could've sworn Obama said his father was an atheist as an adult (though he was raised Muslim). Oh wait, I forgot people can't change their minds.

10/9/2007 8:02:48 AM

Mister Spak

Just because you can't overcome your fundie programming that doesn't mean nobody can.

10/9/2007 8:11:52 AM

Yet how is it that some kids turn out to be atheist, despite their Christian/Jewish/Muslim/etc. upbringing?

For your information, Obama removed his pin to show that he didn't need a physical object to prove that he supported the troops.

And the last time I checked, Timothy McVeigh is not a Muslim. And yes, did Obama's Christian mother take no part in his upbringing?

You're a racist jerk.

10/9/2007 8:13:21 AM

If the logic you're applying were true, Europe would have never adopted Christianism.

10/9/2007 8:45:08 AM

Caustic Gnostic

What's it like, having a muslin father?

10/9/2007 8:51:20 AM


So if a child's mind is "formed in its ideas" within the first two years of its life, I guess proselytization is useless, and all that money you send to the church is really being used to _________?

10/9/2007 8:55:28 AM


So, not wearing a flag pin on your lapel means you hate America? You do realize that it was only worn after 9/11 and is completely meaningless. Oh, and terrorism is older than Islam, that's just where the religious radicals are now. If people like you have their way then we would be the same way.

10/9/2007 9:02:41 AM


Obama wasn't "raised by a Muslin father"; the guy left when Obama was only two. And by all accounts, the guy wasn't very religious himself.

10/9/2007 9:16:27 AM


It's not like I'm surprised that someone on RR would be so detached from reality.

10/9/2007 10:21:30 AM


I think A Believer is more likely to strap himself to a bomb and blow up an abortion clinic than Obama doing anything but serving his country with distinction.

10/9/2007 10:30:05 AM


Muslin? Elegance? Someone's a closet fashion designer.

10/9/2007 11:01:13 AM


It's funny -- all these people ranting about Obama removing his flag lapel pin merely prove his point.

10/9/2007 11:12:19 AM


@El Duderino: Kinda yeah. They also tend to be louder and more obnoxious than most people.

10/9/2007 11:12:47 AM


That's right, indoctrination is completed by the age of two. You guys had better forget about converting anyone in the Middle East.

10/9/2007 11:13:48 AM


Rapture Ready is where the idiots live.

First of all, you might as well use "loyalty" if you can't tell the difference between "allegiance" and "elegance." Trying to make yourself look smarter than you are, eh?

Second of all, Obama's father was raised by his Christian mother from Kansas; his NON-RELIGIOUS father left when he was two.

Third of all, any child under 2 years of age is too young to comprehend prejudice & religion. It's something that takes years of indoctrination to cement.

Fourth of all, people can change their mind and (GASP!) their religion at any point in their life.

Last of all, not all terrorist attacks are caused by Muslims. Abortion clinic bombings? Yea, those are the work of your fellow fundies.

In short, you're an idiot and a liar. If there is an afterlife, you'll be damned surprised when you get there.

10/9/2007 11:15:55 AM

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