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If you take only part of a prophecy, take that part out of context, and are allowed to change the wording, then of course you can apply it to Muhhamed, or anything for that matter.

KrakenFire, BlizzForums 4 Comments [5/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Not fundie, actually, this one seems almost...Sane?

1/14/2011 3:24:01 PM


The Fundie way is what you described. Your churches, Baptists and Evagelists, never stay on book and chapter. Cherry pickers, out of context con-men all of you. You don't use your most revered book in a straight line ever.

Not even a Christian raised boy, never read the whole thing yet still see these Baptists and Evagelists jumping from book to verse then jumping to another book for one or maybe two verses

If I see Jack Van Impe anywhere I'm gonna kick him in the nut for fearmongerling bullshit

1/14/2011 5:03:09 PM


Bingo. Now take that line of reasoning one step further......

11/25/2012 12:47:28 PM


Wow, so much clarity, while entirely missing the implications for his own beliefs. It's astonishing.

10/21/2015 2:37:48 PM

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