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[Replying to 'the Bible says the earth is immobile']No, it says immovable. And if you want to argue that, push real hard and see how far you can move it.

Rom831, Rapture Ready 19 Comments [5/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7

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You hear that? That's me, using my shovel to bury that crappy hypothesis of yours six feet under.

5/19/2009 4:00:41 AM


I have a bulldozer...you might want to rethink that stupidity of yours.

5/19/2009 4:11:47 AM


Yeah, well, when Chuck Norris does push ups, he's really pushing the world down.

5/19/2009 10:30:05 AM


Sure thing. Let me call Tesla...

6/15/2009 1:18:01 AM


Theres lots of possable stuff that cant be done by humans physically.

3/4/2010 1:57:10 PM

The recent earthquake in Chile is said to have moved the earth in such a way that the length of a day has been shortened by a fraction of a millisecond.

3/4/2010 2:13:08 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I can move the world.________Archimedes of Syracuse

Huh. Those New Yorkers!

3/4/2010 3:53:50 PM


Things that move aren't unmovable. Doesn't matter whats moving them. They still what? Yes, move!
Hence? Not immovable but moving.

And it fuckin spins too!

Next Rapture Ready'll try and claim Atheists have a Bible named Bob, or the Book of Bob

Ridicluous fools,,,hey it's 4;20, gotta go

3/4/2010 4:06:37 PM


Why don't YOU push real hard and keep it from
orbiting the sun?

3/4/2010 5:11:33 PM


Damn, #1128665 beat me to it...

3/5/2010 2:10:58 AM

David B.

"No, it says immovable."

"Eppur si muove." -- Galileo

3/5/2010 5:19:31 AM


Dammit, Canadiest! You got my hopes up! Stupid time zones...

3/5/2010 1:51:38 PM

push hard on the earth......AGAINST WHAT?!?!?!

4/19/2010 1:03:37 PM

wait, isn't it moving right now?

4/19/2010 1:04:18 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Just a minute while I round up something as big .

4/19/2010 1:20:28 PM


Which explains why it orbits around the sun.

4/19/2010 6:40:09 PM


*Head hit desk*

I swear, i think i lost 40 IQ Points from reading that.

4/19/2010 6:59:34 PM


it's theoretically possible, if you had the faintest understanding of physics you'd know. even more, it has happened. try researching how our seasons came to be. or did your sky daddy do that?

3/19/2012 4:07:20 AM


also, have you noticed how totally retarded the answer gets even in the first 4 words?

given: it doesn't move.
answer: it can't move.


3/19/2012 4:10:29 AM

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