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It is true that we as humans share 90% of our Genes with Apes... But it is also true that we share 50% of of our genes with bananas. I hope I'm not half banana. Also we share 100% of our genes with... Dirt! the exact substance god said he made us out of.

Sarge, HomeschoolDebate 33 Comments [5/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Dirt has genes? That's new to me.

3/4/2007 7:58:22 PM


I do believe this poor fellow is more closely related to a banana that he realizes.

Of course only living organisms or cells carry genes, or genomes. \"Dirt\" does not reproduce, and therefore does not require the building blocks of genetic material.

I do believe I'm going to need some time away from FSTDT for a while - not quite sure I can subject myself to much more idiocy on a daily basis........

3/4/2007 8:09:16 PM


I at first read the banana part and thought \"don't be silly\", then I got to the dirt part and my perspective changed all of a sudden. Maybe you are.

3/4/2007 9:02:32 PM


3/4/2007 10:26:37 PM

David B.

Sorry, BurntBush, but that banana figure isn't so far off.

The point is, both we an bananas have cells full of DNA that needs folding, unfolding, unzipping, replicating, mending, supporting, translating, separating, etc. And the cells themselves need amino acids making, and tRNAs, and ATP, and ribosomes, and tons more bits.

Almost all the functions going on in one of your cells are also present in the cells of a banana. And as both have a common ancestor way, way back in the dpeths of history, the genetics of these basic cell functions are very similar.

Fundie explanation: Godidit!

3/4/2007 11:51:08 PM


we share 100% of our genes with... Dirt!

Please tell me Sarge just made this up and it isn't in a fundie textbook somewhere.

3/5/2007 12:13:39 AM


WTF?... ohhh, homeschool debate... explains everything.

3/5/2007 12:15:56 AM


Boy I would like to see the rest of that thread.

3/5/2007 12:17:18 AM


Now while dirt is full of countless fungi, larvae, worms, seeds, spores and the like, the main forms of life in dirt are prokaryotes not eukaryotes. No we don't share 100% of our genes with any of the life forms in dirt, and as for the non living matter, ummmmm no!

3/5/2007 12:45:34 AM


Is this what most kids are learning when they're home-schooled?

Does anyone else find it somewhat tragic how, if you're a teacher, you have to go through several years of schooling to get your credentials, but any run-of-the-mill dumbass who can pop out babies is allowed to pass on their ignorance in the form of home-schooling?

3/5/2007 1:35:56 AM


yes, my dad was potting mix and my mum was volcanic soil

3/5/2007 6:56:14 AM


Dirt! ROFL

3/5/2007 9:43:02 PM


So...coming from primates is wholly unbelievable, but being whooshed into existence from dirt makes so much more sense? WTF?

1/8/2008 8:27:31 PM


You're not half banana, you're 100% bananas.

1/8/2008 9:00:04 PM


Dirt does not have DNA. You Phail.

1/8/2008 9:37:16 PM


Phenomenal Phail, one might say.

1/8/2008 9:48:21 PM



If we shared 100% of our genes with dirt, y'know what we'd be?



1/9/2008 2:19:29 AM


Nothing to see here, just typical home-schooled fundies.

1/9/2008 3:46:56 AM


1/9/2008 3:57:26 AM


The A horizon, or topsoil, is decaying organic matter and would probably have the genetic material of leaf litter, other dead decaying plants, and the bacteria in the decay process. Further down, it's inorganic until you get to regolith and bedrock and would not have any genetic material. It is safe to say that almost none of our genetic code is found here. We are related to everything on earth, closest to primates, then to other mammals, then to other vertebrates, then to invertebrates, then to plants, then to protozoans (even that "bug" tha last made you sick).

1/9/2008 5:29:59 PM


Make dirt breathe.

5/10/2008 4:38:14 PM


You might not be half a banana, bu you're a few bananas short of bunch.

5/10/2008 5:17:59 PM

Nope. You share 50% of your genetic structure with a bannanna because you're both living organisms.

Past that, the similarity ends, hence the great difference between you and a bannanna. For instance, you are neither color-coded for convenience nor particularly edible, although those with broader tastes might disagree.

Even they won't find you palatable.

You also posses traits no bannanna has, such as the ability to use language in a primitive form, operate a computer (albeit poorly) and waltz into a conversation and fling shit everywhere, a trait you seem to have inherited from our cousins the chimpanzes.

You share 0% percent of your genetic structure with dirt, because it HAS nogenetic structure.


Sincerely, Kieranfoy

3/3/2010 9:54:20 PM


This gives, "treating him/her like dirt" a whole new meaning!

3/3/2010 10:01:02 PM

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