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(On wy Wikis are evil)

Wikis can change daily, hourly, and even by the second, depending on who is viewing the wiki and what their real agenda is.

Is it an idea spawned by secular humanists who believe in the insane idea of toleration, which is not a Christian virtue but a plank of infernal Masonry gratefully accepted by Screwtape and his hordes.

Aria, Foru.ms 31 Comments [11/1/2007 3:55:24 PM]
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John Marley

Wait, when did CS Lewis' fictional demon join the Xian pantheon?

11/1/2007 4:01:19 PM

John Marley

Of course, the Xian pantheon is also fictional

11/1/2007 4:03:28 PM

Jake Steel

...idea of toleration, which is not a Christian virtue...

fundieism in a nutshell.

11/1/2007 4:10:27 PM

Old Viking

... the insane idea of toleration, which is not a Christian virtue ...

No comment.

11/1/2007 4:11:49 PM


So I guess the stuff Jesus talked about were made up right?

11/1/2007 4:43:03 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Smells like a troll. Whenever they play the Masonic card, it gotta be a troll.

11/1/2007 4:45:25 PM


Troll/Poe/Whatever. I can't believe a real fundie would incorporate Screwtape into the mythology. It's almost as dead a give-away as them referencing Cthulhu.

11/1/2007 4:50:45 PM


This has to be a poe...and not a very good one, either.

11/1/2007 4:52:47 PM

Random Guy

Grrr. Just because the Masons keep their stuff secret doesn't mean they're evil men plotting to take over the world or sacrificing babies, you know. Or that they control Wikis, for that matter.

11/1/2007 4:52:55 PM


... the insane idea of toleration, which is not a Christian virtue ...

Do we have to teach your own religion to you now?

11/1/2007 4:58:50 PM

Doctor Whom

Has to be a Poe going for the "Most buzzwords per sentence" award.

11/1/2007 4:59:12 PM

Eve The Saint

Aria lives under a bridge.

11/1/2007 5:25:30 PM

They change daily, hourly and even by the second............according to a criteria based on neutrality. That's one of its charms and toleration not a Christian virtue?, that would explain why Jesus was so accused of being with all sort of miscreants.

11/1/2007 5:26:21 PM


Toleration, huh?


11/1/2007 5:27:45 PM


You know just a few days ago I was accused of being an (evil) Mason by a 9-11 Conspiracy Theorist. It seems like everyone has a problem with them now-a-days.

But yes, acceptance that your religion is pig-shit is the first step to overcoming it.

11/1/2007 6:11:10 PM

Mister Spak

Screwtape is a fictional character, like your jesus.

11/1/2007 6:11:47 PM


Aira, I am SO glad you agree that Conservapedia is something Christians should avoid!

11/1/2007 7:03:26 PM


Hey, Aria, quit bad-mouthing the founding fathers and a large proportion of Presidents. Most of them were Masons, you know.
You can thank Free Masonry for your constitution.
Now, shut the fuck up.

11/1/2007 7:14:02 PM



11/1/2007 7:16:09 PM


Islam is religion of peace.
That makes Christianity "Religion of tolerance".

11/1/2007 8:21:51 PM


Let's not "tolerate" anything not white, american, & christian. Lynch 'em all in the name of god!!

BTW, did you know that the overwhelming majority of Masons are actually christian? It's true.

11/1/2007 8:51:41 PM

Caustic Gnostic

I would vote for a Freemason presidential candidate based on that alone.

Unlike the Brat Prince, Washington and FDR were real leaders who understood the awesome responsibility, and bore it like true men.

11/1/2007 9:31:15 PM


'plank of masonry' ftw

11/1/2007 11:15:44 PM


It amuses me that Xians always demand toleration, either for their faith or their particular flavour of it (see the fights between roman catholics, protestants; the bishop-led church against the prebyterian church, etc, etc - usually nastier than against the "infidel").

However, when they are asked to extend tolerance to other faiths, people of no faith, people whose sexuality they disapprove of, it's all an insane idea and not a xian virtue.

Is hypocricy a xian virtue?

11/2/2007 2:42:56 AM


Oh no not tolerance (and spelled wrong too) again! Those evil beings and their tolerance!

11/2/2007 8:29:12 AM

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