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No race-loving White person would ever marry a negro. We should go back to the old laws.

Corine J., Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia 13 Comments [11/5/2007 6:21:28 AM]
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Because, of course, we're all equal but some more equal than others.

11/5/2007 2:40:22 PM

Back to the old days?, including no television, no computers and no medicines?

11/5/2007 4:50:33 PM


Good luck with that.

11/5/2007 5:46:01 PM


Start by tossing out your computer.

11/6/2007 1:16:23 AM

Yama the Space Fish

They shouldn't be using computers, anyway. Quantum mechanics, you know.

I wonder how much Clive Barker offends them.

11/8/2007 5:47:23 PM

Lex Kitten

Just because no one will marry you, doesn't mean you can take our your jealousy on other races.

11/10/2007 6:35:30 AM


No true Scotsman FTW!

11/11/2007 11:36:00 AM


Are any reasonably intelligent people "race-loving?" I don't think so. So, your statement effectively means "No truly stupid white person would ever marry a person of African origin. OK, be a moron, I'd rather judge people by criteria other than their skin color.

11/13/2007 4:33:38 PM


whatever turns you on I suppose

11/13/2007 11:21:12 PM

Burning Stake

What if I love someone who's a member of the Human Race?

And Mr. Pilgrim's website looks like it could be a good tool to teach tolerance if you know how to read it: not promoting racism, but talking about how it stereotypes people.

11/20/2007 7:39:45 PM


11/23/2007 4:18:13 PM

Old Viking

Most intelligent people are indifferent to trivialities like race.

11/26/2007 11:56:35 AM


I would marry a black person if I fell in love with one, and I am white, and I do love a good race, so you are wrong.

11/26/2007 1:58:56 PM

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