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Women initiate the most domestic violence incidents, mostly through arguments. Men hardly ever initiate a domestic violence incident. Men murder women because women initiated the murders through arguments.

Tedius Zanarukando, Tedius Zanarukando's Final Fantasy Alliance 60 Comments [11/26/2007 4:56:40 PM]
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D Laurier

Blame the victim, Always a good tactic for mysogynistic castrato closet boys,

11/26/2007 4:59:17 PM



11/26/2007 5:02:43 PM


The men should learn to control their fists. They're the ones that start punching, not the women.

11/26/2007 5:05:50 PM


Men are entitled to beat or murder any woman who doesn't act like a doormat?

I predict TZ will either remain single forever or spend his life in jail after murdering the poor thing who agrees to marry him.

11/26/2007 5:06:48 PM

Big Chicken Dinner

What about a man's right to do what he wants with his body?

11/26/2007 5:07:09 PM


Brother, you are living in a "final fantasy." Come talk that trash to anybody in the real world and they'll bust you up.

11/26/2007 5:07:17 PM

So I should count myself lucky that my brother hasn't murdered me yet? That my father hasn't killed my mother yet, even though they argue often and have had numerous arguments for years?

I don't suppose other factors of domestic abuse come to mind: alcohol, misogyny, overaggression? Of course not. Those would be too much for your woefully inadequate brain to comprehend. Get swallowed up by quicksand, you hateful jerk.

11/26/2007 5:10:13 PM


So, it's okay for a person to kill another who disagrees, Teddy?
Come over closer, I want to introduce you to my friend, Louis. His middle name is Ville, last name, Slugger.
Maybe I can pound some sense into that 12th century skull of yours.

11/26/2007 5:11:30 PM

Jake Steel

Right now I'm pretty damn pissed at you Ted, but I'm not going to beat the snot out of you or kill you. Not because I don't know where you live but because gentleman don't solve things with violence.

11/26/2007 5:23:29 PM


The statement is practically a confession. He's a wifebeater.

11/26/2007 5:55:55 PM

Demented Yenta

Get swallowed up by quicksand, you hateful jerk.

@#371065: These people could possibly grant your fondest wish. XD

11/26/2007 5:58:31 PM

Doctor Whom

Dear Tedious:

Thank you for trying to defend men, but please don't do us any more favors like that one.

Yours truly,

A man who has heard of something called self-control

11/26/2007 6:00:08 PM


Nah, he's not a wifebeater. Check out his forum, it's hilarious! He's a misogynist and avowed bachelor, hating women because one broke his heart like ten years ago. What's funny is that, while he hates women and never wants to be with one, he also thinks women MUST leave their hair long and wear only skirts, and are required to dress in ways that are pleasing to men.

What a douche.

11/26/2007 6:03:01 PM


Is that what you're going to say to the judge? She started it?

11/26/2007 6:06:44 PM


"Bitch was askin' for it," that gonna be your trial defense TZ?

11/26/2007 6:11:45 PM


Funny, I thought initiating an argument with you would be nothing compared to the taunting you about the small size of your genitalia.

11/26/2007 6:20:19 PM


"Tedius" spelled backwards is "cunt". I wonder if he planned that?

11/26/2007 6:37:09 PM


Tedious's knowledge of women is about equal to my dalmation's knowledge of bike riding.

11/26/2007 6:42:23 PM


Nine times out of ten, men murder women because they're nasty sons of bitches and they get drunk.

11/26/2007 6:45:17 PM


...I think he just admitted to being dumber than us wimminz.

Think about it. If the only response he can think of to an argument is to hit out, that surely argues he just can't think of a verbal retort, right?

11/26/2007 6:57:54 PM

Caustic Gnostic

I admit, there were times I wanted to strangle PsychoBitch just to shut her up. However, in the long run she couldn't use any accusation of domestic violence against me for the divorce, and that pissed her off.

11/26/2007 7:10:30 PM


Ummmmm, are you confusing families with a hostage situation perchance?

11/26/2007 7:19:19 PM

Old Viking

A sad little man.

11/26/2007 7:32:50 PM


*punches Tedius in the face* You disagreed with my view on women! It's all your fault man! *punches Tedius harder*

11/26/2007 8:05:07 PM

The Watcher

@Blackvoice: Yeah, I was just gonna say something along those lines.

If Tedius's ideas piss me off, am I allowed to beat him and is it his fault?

11/26/2007 8:23:59 PM

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