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In response to: "The bible clearly condones slavery in the OT. So wouldn't condemning it in our modern age be a betrayal of traditional bible values?"]

i'm ok with indentured servitude, provided the slaves are provided with survival necessities and an eventual alternative career plan, such as the ownership of 7 acres farmable land after period of 3 yrs slavery (ect.), and think this should be legal.

KalithAlur, foru.ms 42 Comments [11/26/2007 7:54:31 PM]
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You, Kalith, are a fucktard.

Advocating slavery, Jesus would be proud of you.

11/26/2007 8:00:43 PM

The Watcher

I'm glad you're "ok" with it, but the rest of the civilized world disagrees with you.

11/26/2007 8:06:11 PM


Uh... yeah.... um... no, it's the 21st century.

11/26/2007 8:08:39 PM


I wonder how many teenage boys this guy has in his basement? My money is on 12, any takers?

11/26/2007 8:08:41 PM


... I bet you are one of those persons that can't even make their own bed.

11/26/2007 8:11:39 PM

12 is probably the oldest one's age... I figure 5. The others he just sees at church.

11/26/2007 8:20:54 PM


Who gets to decide who are the slaves and who are the masters?

11/26/2007 8:39:46 PM


It's good that you're okay with it. Slavery, I mean. Really.

So would you be okay with spending a large part of the next decade or so of your life as an unwilling slave to a master who has the power of life, death and pain over you, and is ready to inflict all of those things on you if you disobey, protest or try to escape? What about your siblings? Parents? Friends?

Fortunately for you, most of the rest of the world isn't as okay with it as you are.

11/26/2007 8:42:42 PM


Indentured servitude is not the same thing as slavery. An indentured servant is someone who incurs a debt (e.g., the price of passage to a new country) and agrees to forgo wages in order to work the debt off.

11/26/2007 8:42:47 PM

Ansem the Wise

Someone's a bit confused about their terms...

11/26/2007 8:43:50 PM


I'm ok with being payed a fair wage with benefits and vacation time and the option to quite at any time and for any reason.

11/26/2007 9:32:05 PM


The Emancipation Proclamation says you're a fucktard.

11/26/2007 9:40:33 PM


Works for me. So, how can we get those seven acres for you?

Dumb cunt.

11/26/2007 9:45:07 PM


i'm ok with indentured servitude, provided the slaves are provided with survival necessities and an eventual alternative career plan, such as the ownership of 7 acres farmable land after period of 3 yrs slavery (ect.), and think this should be legal as long as I'd never have to be a slave myself."

Fixed it for you.

11/26/2007 9:45:59 PM


While John is right, indentured servitude is not exactly the same thing as slavery, Kalith clearly has no idea what the difference is. The Bible, actually, does mention the two and regulates each slightly differently.

It is also apparent Kalith has no idea how modern agriculture works. Hell, he doesn't even have any idea how ancient agriculture works. Seven acres of land is a pittance, it's barely enough space to put a house up and have a "large garden" (certainly nothing like an actual farm) that would be good for little more than subsistence farming, certainly not as a profitable career. Also, he hasn't clearly thought out the problem of where this land is going to come from - pretty much all of the land in our country is either already owned or is managed by state/federal authorities.

But then again - how many fundies really think anything through, ever?

11/26/2007 10:13:00 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Kalith the slave.

What? You didn't have this in mind?

Too fucking bad.

11/26/2007 10:17:20 PM


Die in a fire, asshole

11/26/2007 10:29:50 PM


With proper supervision (to prevent abuse) using labor as an alternative to currency or bartering is a reasonable idea. Agree with it or not, it may work or not, but it's hardly as crazy as people are making it sound.

11/26/2007 10:37:09 PM

so basically... unpaid labour with pay?

11/26/2007 10:47:20 PM


Since when did the bible condone slavery?

11/26/2007 10:49:03 PM




... pretty clear cut.

11/26/2007 11:32:04 PM


wow! Ok then, well how much do I have to pay for you at auction? I think I might be willing to put down 5 cents for the fraction of your brain that might be able to meet my high demands.

Fundies are loonies

11/26/2007 11:52:59 PM


Are you okay with selling your sister(s) into slavery, too?

11/27/2007 1:30:41 AM


Very well. Let's start with you.

11/27/2007 4:21:56 AM


And you be first to put your head in the yoke you fucktard.

11/27/2007 4:36:06 AM

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