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(Note the automatic assumption, despite the admitted lack of evidence.)

Think atheistic, elite professors should have more power? A tenured Ivy League professor just admitted that he killed his wife, and then falsely made it look like a burglary. The article did not disclose his religious views, but did say he will receive a light prison sentence "of no more than seven years" for his crime.

Conservapedia (main page), Conservapedia 31 Comments [11/28/2007 12:47:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Doctor Whom

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11/28/2007 12:47:35 AM


Higher education is the debbil!!!
Jeezus rewards teh stoopid!!!

11/28/2007 12:50:40 AM


Aha, that unproved anecdote explicity proves that atheists are bad.

11/28/2007 1:02:08 AM


So the guy is educated ergo he must be an atheist. Seven years in prison is light to people with a mentality that they want to throw people in jail indefinetly without rights for misdemeanors. See I can make hasty generalizations too.

11/28/2007 1:12:55 AM


... the hell?

11/28/2007 1:32:39 AM


Conservapedia: The Reality-Free Encyclopedia.

11/28/2007 1:36:15 AM


I seem to remember Mary Winkler, a Pastor's wife from Tennessee gunning her husband down in cold blood, in front of the kids, claiming battered wife syndrome. Asked why she just didn't leave: "The church would never allow it, and that would mean my husband could never preach again."

She walked after 13 months. You fail.

11/28/2007 1:57:51 AM

Mr Smith

Wouldn't killing her husband stop him from preaching ever again? Just a thought.

11/28/2007 3:37:28 AM


Obviously Conservapedia believes this professor to be an atheist, but the writer does admit "the article did not disclose his religious views." Sounds like a steaming pile of fail to me.

11/28/2007 4:12:49 AM


That's because his lawyers got a plea deal of manslaughter.

11/28/2007 5:44:31 AM


Assumptions in an encyclopedia that assumes the existence of a hypothetical super-natural entity created the entire universe, and then goes on to treat this assumtion as fact? *gasp* NO WAI!

11/28/2007 5:52:58 AM

Mister Spak

Of course he's an atheist. Fundy professors like Kent Hovind are crackpots and idiots.

11/28/2007 5:53:57 AM


All Ivy League professors are atheists. It's part of the grand global Darwinist conspiracy.

11/28/2007 6:07:18 AM


Christians kill more people than atheists. I think murdering his wife proves he believes in Jesus.

11/28/2007 6:50:24 AM

Make up your mind, was he atheist or you don't know his religion?. Or are you asuming that just because he was a professor he was not Christian(very bad for your reputation, by the way)?

11/28/2007 8:18:30 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

If these idiots are going to claim that everyone whose religious views haven't been disclosed is an atheist, then how can they have the gull to keep proclaiming that this is a "christian nation"?

11/28/2007 9:36:14 AM


But if you don't even know his religious views, how do you know his wife wasn't being a good little helpmeet? Maybe she was showing signs of feminism! Maybe he just had to put her down like the rabid dog she was.

11/28/2007 11:38:55 AM


@Blackvoice - True. One article I saw said she was arguing with him. Maybe it was his godly duty to correct her.

11/28/2007 11:52:42 AM

Zoony The Lazoon

"A tenured Ivy League professor just admitted that he killed his wife, and then falsely made it look like a burglary. "

But isn't that the plot of a film?

11/28/2007 12:08:48 PM

David D.G.

Ordinarily, I think that Conservapedia quotes don't belong here -- but this is a grand exception, because it displays not just standard lies but an entire style of outrageously dishonest basic information processing (sorry for the long term, but "thinking" didn't seem appropriate in this instance).

~David D.G.

11/28/2007 12:12:18 PM


Gotta love what they're inadvertently claiming here.

If an intelligent person is automatically atheistic, then inversely...

11/28/2007 12:37:45 PM


Odds are he was some brand of Christian.

11/28/2007 12:53:05 PM


"atheistic, elite professors..."

Oh, noes! Smart people!

11/28/2007 2:22:35 PM

Old Viking

Fundies will go along with murdering the probably-uppity wife. But trying to make it look like a burglary was sinful.

11/28/2007 2:56:17 PM

Angel Kaida

...Um, wait. What?

11/28/2007 3:32:36 PM

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