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“WOW! Created to be His Help Meet is by far the best book (outside of the Bible, of course) that I have ever read on being a wife and mother, and I sure have read a bunch of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write this book. My husband wants to submit a top ten list - the top 10 indications you know your wife got the new Debi Pearl book.(wink). For example, you know your wife has read the book if she is wanting to make love twice in a day!!”

Kathleen, Created To Be His Helpmeet 49 Comments [11/28/2007 1:55:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

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Old Viking

You know your wife has read the book if she stops complaining about being shoeless and pregnant.

11/28/2007 2:01:50 PM

Mister Spak

Is allowing anal sex one of those indications? How about a threesome?

11/28/2007 2:06:45 PM


Say Kathleen, whatcha doin later?

11/28/2007 2:08:07 PM


Your husband is probably all kinds of happy with the fact that you are willing to submit to him. By the way, what are Christian women doing writing books? Isn't that a slight against God?

11/28/2007 2:08:43 PM


Maybe she just watched a couple of Brad Pitt movies. Maybe she had an oyster sald for lunch and washed it down with a quart of gingsing. Maybe she exhausted the pool boy and the meter reader already. Maybe she's just a horny little slut coming out of her shell.

11/28/2007 2:14:30 PM


Somehow I think that reading that book would make me want to stop having sex...and that'd piss my boyfriend off, since twice a day is kind of a minimum...

11/28/2007 2:25:18 PM

Doctor Whom

Please don't share the rest of the list. I can see where it's headed, and I really don't need any D/s porn for Jesus.

11/28/2007 2:26:06 PM

11/28/2007 2:30:51 PM


Is Debi Pearl the real name? The spelling makes it look like stripper or something

11/28/2007 3:01:55 PM


I "make love" at least twice a day and I'm a dirty evil blue-hair bisexual feminist witch.

11/28/2007 3:06:02 PM


we could probablyquote each and every one of the testemonies there ... it's aweful!


11/28/2007 3:07:20 PM


This book is an attack on basic human rights and the idea of free will.

11/28/2007 3:18:38 PM

big baby jesus

enough with the self loathing

11/28/2007 3:19:21 PM

Lex Kitten

Tch, a woman wanting to have sex? She shouldn't have any wants, other than to serve her husband!

Besides which, if she's having sex twice a day, who's cooking dinner and raising the children? Sounds like bad mothering to me!

11/28/2007 3:37:05 PM

Angel Kaida

So Debi Pearl turns you on. Interesting.
Seriously, what the Christ?

11/28/2007 3:48:57 PM

cool cats

How about reading a book on how to be a person.

11/28/2007 4:10:16 PM


WTF is this? The top 10 bestseller list for the trailer park crowd?

11/28/2007 4:12:12 PM

Including when she's sick, worried or not just in the mood?, or when she has been brainwashed to believe that she's your sexual slave?

11/28/2007 4:40:38 PM


"For example, you know your wife has read the book if she is wanting to make love twice in a day!!"

But... sex is an evil, shameful thing, remember? Don't you good little fundy prudes abstain from talking about things like that?

11/28/2007 4:40:43 PM



Not to mention, no godly woman has a sex drive. She's to wait until her man desires for her to service him.

11/28/2007 4:49:58 PM


I thought sex was only for procreation purposes.

11/28/2007 5:02:02 PM


That quote makes me wonder if she really wants to make love twice a day or she's doing it because the book says she has to.

It's really not fun to make love with someone who doesn't want to, and that's something I wouldn't want my wife or girlfriend to do.

11/28/2007 5:03:39 PM


You know, I've never read that book, and I have almost always wanted to make love with my husband twice a day.

11/28/2007 5:16:07 PM


Hmmmmm. You feel comfortable expressing wants to your husband after reading a book that was supposed to make you a submissive servant. That's hopeful, at least.

11/28/2007 5:56:39 PM


I think a fundie would be a sexual turn-off, even if she's willing to do it twice a day. Maybe it's just me, but a working brain is definitely part of the allure.

11/28/2007 6:03:26 PM

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