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What's scary is that the natural disasters they won't be able to stop will cure their population problem, but they will still kill the ones they deem unfit to live.It seems to me though, that, all these religions that call themselves THE church, and have billions of members, and say they are against abortion, why is it happening even more frequently in this day and age than it has ever happened before. I know the whole abortion thing is satanic, because I like to think that God sends down needed angels down here, with these precious new-borns, to help us out, and the evil one knows it. But this is just my own opinion. I would hate to even be a fly on Throne-Rooms' wall when that lady tries to explain her decision to abort her baby, with that excuse, to THE ALMIGHTY!

Isaiah, Rapture Ready 18 Comments [11/28/2007 7:50:49 PM]
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Just what are you trying to say there, Asshatiah?
The abortion thing is "satanic"?
Angels and babies?
Don't bogart that bong, my friend.

11/28/2007 8:11:20 PM

Ansem the Wise

Full stops are your friend.

11/28/2007 8:16:27 PM


Run-on-sentences and random Capslock of Truth for Jesus!

11/28/2007 8:19:18 PM

cool cats

Your delusions =/= reality.

As to someone choosing to have an abortion, it's none of your business.

11/28/2007 8:24:21 PM


"I like to think that God sends down needed angels"

Well, you'd like to think that, but you still would be wrong. And the universe doesn't give a shit about what you like.

11/28/2007 8:24:34 PM

Old Viking

Well that's finally clear.

11/28/2007 8:24:58 PM


"Yeah, hey, Sky Daddy. About that abortion... see, I couldn't support the kid at the time, and I didn't want to go through the agony of childbirth -- which YOU apparently inflicted upon us because ONE stupid broad fucked up. Considering you weren't exactly sending child support through the mail, I went with Option A."

11/28/2007 8:35:29 PM


Just one question: If newborns are all "precious angels" how come most of them grow up to be ASSHOLES?

11/28/2007 8:43:49 PM


If newborns are angels... but they're not saved so they're not angels, yet we're supposed to ::head explode::

11/28/2007 9:28:24 PM


Hey dip-shit... do you think she might be aborting because dip-shits like YOU and YOUR fundie friends scream and bitch about how evil abortion is, (I do not agree with abortion as a birth control method either), but do NOTHING to help the mother after the baby is born? So, unless you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, with no strings attached, and raise these children you so desperately want to save, STFU! You have no right to dictate to others what to do!

11/28/2007 9:35:45 PM


No you fucking prick, you'd love to BE The Almighty sitting in the throne room. Admit it. You'd love to dispense a little righteous justice to all those evil women who didn't wish to live by your 2000 year old code of silence. I cordially invite you to go fuck yourself with a baseball bat you twit.

11/29/2007 12:39:08 AM

Since what you said doesn't make haid or tail, I will try to give some guidelines:
a)natural disasters are NATURAL, not God's punishment.
b)People have aborted since ever, only that in the past it was not very safe.
c)they do it because their lives are in danger, they have economical problems or they face stigma, not because they might be punished or not.
d)In the past, many churches and laity alike were against slavery, torture, and in favour of female vote...........and in came, when it was the time to come.
e)maybe they don't listen to the lady because she's mingling into other people's bussiness without really wanting to help, just to show off her "charity".
f)Maybe the churches fail because many of the so-called pro-life abort in secret(how is it that Arkansas and Minnesota have the highest abortion rate in the country?)and many of the pro-choice don't, but are continuously attacked by conservatives and denied welfare in "the name of the family"

11/29/2007 3:35:27 AM


And I'd love to be the "Throne-Rooms'" janitor so I could crush all you damn flies. You all have a fly fixation.

11/29/2007 3:40:26 AM


My brain shut down in the middle of the first sentence. Thinking of natural disasters as a solution to overpopulation... WTF?

11/29/2007 5:39:06 AM


That'd be just like god, to send his angelic children to be concieved by intercourse through rape. So then they can help spread the hate.

11/29/2007 5:41:23 AM


You know it might be even funnier to look at your face when God asks you where the hell you got this crazy "rapture" nonsense from?

11/29/2007 5:47:46 AM

Doctor Whom

Yes, the magic sky daddy sends down needed angels. Then the fundies abuse them, abandon them, or invade their countries and blow them up.

11/29/2007 6:39:11 AM


The Almighty will say the abortion doctor should have paid the father of the baby twenty shekels or a dove and two goats (Exodus 21:22). Now explaining her decision to go to the mall on the Sabbath or eat the Seaside Shrimp Trio at Red Lobster, that may take a bit more finesse.

11/29/2007 10:06:56 AM

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