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Is there a way that I can become pregnant without having sex like Mary?
I want to conceive in the most Christian way possible and I do not want create a baby in a sinful fashion by having sex.

Ask Donna, Yahoo Answers 82 Comments [11/29/2007 9:09:07 PM]
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poe. But a hell of a funny one!

11/30/2007 1:11:18 AM


POE! (It has to be.)

11/30/2007 1:49:25 AM



11/30/2007 2:28:36 AM


A poe is someone who's taking the piss out of fundies

11/30/2007 4:23:52 AM


Have you tried Nasal Sex?

11/30/2007 5:12:50 AM


It's called a turkey baster, whore.

11/30/2007 5:26:27 AM

Mister Spak

In vitro fertilisation. Which was furiously attacked by christians when it was invented.

11/30/2007 6:14:52 AM


Let your boyfriend jizz in your shoes, and then let the flies do the rest? Sorry, even though it's an obvious poe, I couldn't resist sharing my knowledge. The spirit moves within me.

11/30/2007 6:15:33 AM


Don't worry, the church will fuck you.

11/30/2007 6:44:22 AM

Doctor Whom

So now we're approving quotes from people who claim an affiliation with Landover Baptist. This makes the baby IPU cry.

11/30/2007 6:49:04 AM



11/30/2007 9:07:12 AM


Oh dear God! okay, get your man to jerk off into a turkey baster then squidge it up your bajingo.

11/30/2007 9:31:43 AM


Yes, it's a poe - but why would anyone want to skip the fun part of the process?

11/30/2007 9:35:43 AM


"Biggest Prude Ever" award?

11/30/2007 9:41:22 AM

Ranger Joe

Mary was a virgin.....If you don't count anal.

11/30/2007 10:25:46 AM


Get a bowl
Get a turkey baster
Have some guy jack off and come in the bowl
Figure out the rest.

I bet she is too ugly to fuck anyways

11/30/2007 11:26:13 AM


Oh, my, I'm laughing so hard! xD

11/30/2007 12:05:36 PM


Pray real hard. If God doesn't inseminate you, then you are not meant to reproduce.

11/30/2007 12:27:00 PM


Sperm Donors for Jesus Award!

11/30/2007 1:12:29 PM


You can get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat. Just make sure someone's sitting on it already. :)

11/30/2007 1:32:53 PM

Old Viking

Edgar Allan.

11/30/2007 1:45:40 PM

Mr. Saturday

What, is this person eight years old or something?!

11/30/2007 3:35:52 PM

She's an ordained pastor and televangelist in LANDOVER BAPTIST CHURCH, which explains quite a lot.

11/30/2007 4:33:21 PM

Invitro fertilization, but you're a fundie so that doesn't exist in your world.

Sex is cool, sex is neat, sex makes fundies piss on the toilet seat.

11/30/2007 7:08:43 PM



11/30/2007 7:23:28 PM

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