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[Another one of Hovind's imaginary conversations. This one is between himself and Hitler.]
KH: How is it decided which race is superior and what is it based on?
Hitler: It’s all based on the science of evolution! Since the strongest survive and the weakest die off, we have decided to speed up the process by eliminating the inferior races of Jews and blacks. War itself will demonstrate which is the most fit race.
KH: But the Bible says that all men are of one blood (Acts 17:26).
Hitler: Oh, that Bible is outdated. Our scientists have proven man arose from apes by evolution. Only the strongest survive, and we will show the world that we are the strongest!

Kent Hovind, CSE Blogs 89 Comments [11/29/2007 11:10:14 PM]
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If Hitler belived in evolution, he would just have let nature take it's course instead of starting genocide.

8/11/2008 9:15:44 PM


NATURAL selection, you idiot.
NATURAL...not genocide.

8/11/2008 9:20:50 PM


and in that one "thought experiment" (I use that term in all charity) he proves that he doesn't understand the concept of evolution as propounded by Darwin and improved and elaborated by science ever since.

8/12/2008 1:32:54 PM


You all do a great disservice to your cause by speaking the way you do about all who oppose your ideologies. I hear just as much or more hate spewing out of these comments than those coming from the other side. If your ideologies and virtues are right why do you hate. I would say the same to those on the opposing side. Hatred is a clear sign that you do not turly trust in what you believe. You hate becasue you fear. You fear because you lack wisdom.
The truth does not need to be defended. Truth is obvious if you are will to accept it.

9/18/2008 6:25:56 AM


I lived under the heel of hitler during my youth.
The Bible and Mein Kampf were virtually the only subjects taught. Darwin was banned.
Mister Hovind, do you have access to the internet behind bars? You (and your wife) are behind bars for fraud, which is exactly where you belong. And when you get out, you have yet more charges to answer for.

9/18/2008 9:49:14 AM



You've just described ever evolutionist on the face of the planet: "psuedo-scientic research and much self-delusion are made." Anytime you want to discuss REAL science and not fairy tales for grown ups, feel free to contact me. I'd be more than happy to know the wind out of your sails, and any other ignorant evolutionist out there. You people lack any common sense or logic. If a child naturally understands that the universe was created, before you try to indoctrinate them with your stupidity, that makes children more intelligent than you are allowing yourself to be.

2/18/2009 3:22:16 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Sound's like Kent's having a little pillow talk with his neo-nazi cellie who changed his name from Bubba to Hitler to demonstrate how "down with the cause" he is. For the sake of your sanity don't try and picture what happens next.

2/18/2009 3:58:50 AM


Except that Hitler was Christian and claimed to be exterminating the jews because he considered them enemies of the most high God.

5/12/2011 7:58:33 PM

Liberal Christian

Evolution doesn't work that way. Also, Hitler was a Christian. I'm not proud of that, but I'm not going to lie about it.

5/13/2011 6:52:42 AM


The key element to Evolution is NATURAL selection. A massive genocide is not a natural selection, except in the Bible.
Got mit uns, Dummkopf! Hitler had On the Origin of Species burned.

5/13/2011 6:57:10 AM


Hey, Rylore, I have a few words for you:

All of those actual, real scientific titles are given to people whose work is based on evolutionary biology. All of those are titles of scientists at work, right now, at the US Health Dept. and every hospital in any First World country.

TL;DR - You're an uneducated idiot, and my 10-year-old daughter knows more about science & reality than you.

5/14/2011 3:58:58 PM


I think solitary is starting to affect poor Kentie's mental faculties. Warden better put him back in genpop with the rest of the fish. He probably misses the daily beatings in the exercise yard, ground glass in the mess food, and nightly beef injections from his cellmate.

12/17/2011 1:22:07 PM


And here I thought people only talked like that in chick tracts

4/19/2014 4:33:59 AM

Is this the same bible that commands genocide? As in killing everyone that your imaginary sky-pixie tells you to? At the same time it says "thou shalt not kill"?


4/19/2014 8:04:13 AM

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