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[More teddy bear nonsense.]

No talk of release! Why do we show them mercy? How will the non-believer ever learn if we allow for such lenity whenever Islam is defiled? May she pay with her vile head!

[Later on...]

You my friend Kashmiri are the phony! You are the heretic! Why was there a teddy bear in a classroom? Hello? Why was a woman "instructing" males? Is this a school or a Zionist brothel? Wake up!

[PLEASE let this guy be a troll.]

I do not intend to upset you Rama, nor anyone else. The truth of the matter is that this Gillian Gibbons is an instrument of the Zionist entity. Do not temper your faith with that of the non-believer.

Hadeel Abed, Facebook 6 Comments [11/30/2007 10:30:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Encolpius

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More lovliness from the religion of peace.

12/4/2007 11:00:50 AM

Brian X

A very, very stupid person. One can only hope he lives in a Westernized country so he can be properly humiliated for his ignorance.

12/4/2007 11:59:21 AM

It was a teddy bear for crying out loud! Violence is being committed in Allah's name and you seriously believe that he's offended that someone named a harmless stuffed animal after his prophet? It wasn't even as if the kids ripped it apart or set it on fire, like fanatical Muslims did to an effigy of Pope Benedict. Maybe if you didn't name your kids Muhammad, they wouldn't have named the bear that in the first place.

That woman had gone down to Sudan, despite the clear risks to her life, in order to educate children (yes, women are able to teach) so that they might make better lives for themselves. And you're rewarding her for her sacrifice and hard work by calling for her head?

You fanatics think that you're being persecuted by Western nations, but the truth of the matter is, we're all just laughing at your extreme stupidity. Don't you realize that you're only turning yourselves into the laughingstock of the world? You have the emotional maturity and logic of a five-year-old. Get a life.

12/4/2007 5:31:07 PM


"Zionist brothel"..?

1/15/2008 10:48:31 PM


Go on. Say it to somones face. I dare you.

8/6/2008 6:56:14 PM

Anti - Dei

Religion causes severe psychosis.

9/22/2008 12:30:55 PM

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