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A number of Christians have come to believe, because of recent prophecies, dreams, and visions, that I-35 is the highway spoken in Isaiah 35, verse 8: “And a highway will be there, it will be called the way of holiness.”

… [Heartland Ministries’ Hill] believes God has an awesome plan that starts along I-35. “Let’s draw a line in the center of America, set people on fire, get young people saved, get moms and dads saved, get churches on fire, get holy, and watch how it affects the rest of America.”

“What do we expect to see?” [said Cindy Jacob.] “We expect laws to be changed in cities. We expect righteous leaders. We expect a movement, a reformation that will literally sweep the face of the earth.”

Hill, Jacob, et al, right wing watch 50 Comments [12/1/2007 12:41:48 AM]
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This is cool, I live next to I-35!

12/1/2007 12:42:23 AM


Is that a cuckoo clock that I hear?

12/1/2007 12:45:43 AM


You expect to change laws to make them for fundie by setting people on fire? WTF?!

12/1/2007 12:48:03 AM


Fundies see God in highway signs now? Holy Shit!

12/1/2007 12:50:16 AM


Reminds me of the Children's Crusade. When the Children reached the Mediterranian, they were astounded when the waters didn't part for them (after all they'd EXPECTED it!). This seems to be that kind of credulity. Pathetic, really...

12/1/2007 1:01:49 AM


I may just be arguing semantics here, but its I-35 as in INTERSTATE, not highway. Either way though, you're fucking crazy.

12/1/2007 1:16:28 AM


Let’s [...] set people on fire

All right, I'm hopeful this doesn't mean what it sounds like, but I can't figure out what it does.

12/1/2007 1:37:00 AM


That whole article is fucking crazy. If evangelicals start marching down Iowa I'm running to Montreal.

12/1/2007 2:21:42 AM


"set people on fire...get churches on fire"

Arson for Jesus Award!

12/1/2007 2:22:59 AM

D Laurier

Setting people on fire, is a violent and immoral act.
You try to set me on fire and I will break your arm.

12/1/2007 2:35:11 AM


But, but... how are they going to get to Duluth. Their highway is already broken!

Well, halfway at least. I suppose that 35E would be easier to save along than the demonic Minneapolis-bound 35W.

12/1/2007 2:44:15 AM


this word literally. You keep on using it. I do not think it means what you think it means.

12/1/2007 2:59:47 AM

Aspie Dragon

@ Everybody:

When they say "set people on fire", they mean WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, not literally.

However, it did give me an amusing mental image of a whole bunch of fundies marching down I-35 with lighters and gasoline. Or am I sick to find that amusing?

12/1/2007 3:02:24 AM


What is it with Xians and the USA as God's chosen land?
The Bible's authors had no idea the Americas even existed.

12/1/2007 3:06:50 AM


Yeah...um... religious groups have tried the whole "setting people on fire" thing before... usually it only ends up in bad press all around... *cough* Davidians *cough* Inquisition *cough cough*

12/1/2007 3:07:19 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Well, I dunno ... if the M25 is the Road To Hell, then I suppose an interstate could be the opposite ...

12/1/2007 3:36:59 AM


Great, the face of the earth is pretty dusty, and could use a good literal sweeping. It'll keep your 'movement' out of our hair for a while too.

May I suggest starting with the mid-Atlantic?

12/1/2007 4:02:47 AM


That last line has me literally in stitches.

12/1/2007 5:11:40 AM

Isaiah knew all about twentieth century America, obviously.

They want laws to be changed so they can set churches on fire?

12/1/2007 5:49:41 AM


“We expect laws to be changed in cities. We expect righteous leaders. We expect a movement, a reformation that will literally sweep the face of the earth.”

Then you are mistaken.

12/1/2007 5:49:46 AM

The rest of the world, however, expects a barbecue and they're not into that.

12/1/2007 5:58:42 AM


trying to set anyone but your own twisted and insane volunteers on fire will result in extreme violence culminating in your own flaming end.

12/1/2007 6:18:36 AM


"Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road to Jeeezus!"

12/1/2007 6:39:29 AM


If you did that, nobody would care. People would think you're crazy.

12/1/2007 7:11:49 AM

Raven Blackhawk

Arson for Jeezus seconded. I live near Interstate 35 too..... but I'm made of asbestos. Sorry.

12/1/2007 7:12:04 AM

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