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The so called 'equality of the races' brainwashes people into thinking that they are called by God in the same manner as White people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The God of the Bible has a plan of ethnic cleansing that may not be politically correct to the minds of bleeding heart liberals, but nevertheless it is a plan that will bring about His Kingdom on earth in which all mongrelization and filthiness is removed.

Pastor Mark Downey, Stormfront 15 Comments [12/9/2007 9:02:57 AM]
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Of course, that's why he talked to Middle Easters first.

12/9/2007 10:34:32 AM

We all know that Christianism was founded in Germany(sarcasm)

12/9/2007 10:36:17 AM

You are a filthy mongrel, and are no pastor. Please fall off the face of the earth.

12/9/2007 1:48:38 PM

Of course, that's why they step away from you.

12/9/2007 2:07:33 PM


So your God is a sadistic, genocidal tyrant who should be put to the sword.

In other news, ice is cold.

12/9/2007 3:02:17 PM

Old Viking

Sounds like a god-type plan to me.

12/9/2007 3:45:04 PM


Damn, just what is it with the Stormfront? They bring new shit for us to poke at almost every week!

12/12/2007 8:32:10 PM


Genocidal Jesus Award.

12/13/2007 6:46:49 AM


"Nothing could be further from the truth."

Except you.

12/13/2007 1:46:31 PM


You do realise that had jesus been real, he would not have been white don't you? Of course not. I bet you think he spoke English too.

12/18/2007 5:26:04 AM


This is why I deter blacks from Christianity.

It's people like this that used this rhetoric to enslave Blacks.

Southern Preachers would gather white crowds and tell them over and over that the non-whites would be sent to hell and whites would enjoy enternal bliss on Earth.

Evidently they still preach it and still believe it.

12/30/2007 11:27:57 PM

Burning Stake

Yes, there is ethnic cleansing in the Bible.

It includes systematically destroying anyone who is not of the tribe of Isreal.

Then Jesus came along, and most people don't pay much attention to that Old Testament stuff anymore. Except people who need an authority on which to base their racism.

We're all from Africa man, only some of us just left later than others.

12/31/2007 10:58:12 AM

Dr. Funkenstein

If that's what your God thinks is a good idea, then fuck your God.

Seriously, though...how the fuck do these assholes keep coming up with shit like this?

4/26/2008 5:40:00 AM


Mark Downey, I share your name, but unlike you I am not a total cunt.

6/3/2008 11:42:57 PM


Who does this so called "pastor" think he is? I'm a Jewish woman who has an Isreali Mom and a Bagdad,Iraqi Muslim Baba(Father), but raised by a Christian Family from the age of 6 1/2 years old. This man is a SCHMUCK. I am not a bit ounce sorry for saying that. My children are being put through discrimination because of where my family comes from. I have Muslim family living here in the U.S.A. and are doing better over here than when they were in Bagdad,Iraq. I am very proud of who I am and where I came from. I've been in America all my life and all I hear about is how Jews/Arabs do this and say that. Enough already PLEASE. I'm sick and tired of my peope being judged and put down. You can say whatever you want yo about me,but I'm a stong woman who will not hold her words and thoughts in.We already had a Hitler who was Jewish because of his mother and turned against his own people.

7/12/2008 1:34:52 PM

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