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[referring to male/male sex]

It's a mental disorder, a perversion, and only stupid people do it.

Floatingaxe, Christianforums 40 Comments [12/11/2007 10:25:26 PM]
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then that must explain the number of fundies caught humping men etc

12/11/2007 10:30:18 PM


But female/female sex is okay? Idiot.

Interesting how fundies reject and belittle science and its terminologies - until it suits their needs to use medical science terminology to push their bigotted, anti-homosexual agenda.

12/11/2007 10:31:52 PM


The Psycologists of America frown on you.

12/11/2007 10:49:17 PM

Brian X

This is Alan Turing. He has made a special trip back from the dead just to talk to you and explain to you how a dirty faggot managed to paralyze the German military with one of the very first computers.

12/11/2007 11:16:59 PM


Sounds like Christianity...

12/11/2007 11:23:04 PM


I have a PhD, whats the extent of your education?

12/11/2007 11:59:33 PM


Yeah, you know what, Fuckingass, I just don't take your word for it. I much prefer the opinions of those that are at least somewhat based in reality.

12/12/2007 12:10:05 AM


If God hates stupid people so much, you fundies (and especially you, Floatingaxe) really stand no chance of getting taken away to heaven, do you?

12/12/2007 12:10:41 AM


Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! You are outta here!

12/12/2007 1:50:03 AM

Old Viking

Hold on. I think that last clause is a confession.

12/12/2007 2:27:02 AM


Wait, is fa describing TEH EBIL GHEY SECKS or fundieism? Cause that sure sounds like a description of fundieism.

12/12/2007 2:48:28 AM


"t's a mental disorder, a perversion, and only stupid people do it."


12/12/2007 3:04:10 AM


Of course it's always about the male homosexuality.

12/12/2007 3:14:57 AM

Only ten per cent of the population on a regular basis and some of them fantasise with it. Funny, isn't it?

12/12/2007 6:40:49 AM


Someone's hiding something...

12/12/2007 6:52:37 AM


The APA would tend to disagree.

12/12/2007 7:43:09 AM


12/12/2007 7:59:19 AM


These are the kinds of fundie fucknuts that instantly bring to mind "dueling banjos".

12/12/2007 8:01:06 AM


Then nature is perverse.

12/12/2007 8:36:20 AM


Because God is homophobic, and Jesus demonstrated this by having 12 men as his 'disciples', whom he frequently 'released from bondage', and allowed no women in his little club.
Oh, wait...

12/12/2007 9:46:20 AM


Alan Turing = smarter than you.

I'll take "Floatingaxe is a complete failure" for $400, Alex.

12/12/2007 10:24:14 AM


It was in the DSM in the past but was taken out. No longer considered a mental disorder. I am not sure you can say only stupid people do it, you say it was a mental disorder without anything to back it, and you probably don't know what the DSM is.

And on a sidenote: Most homophobes tend to have homosexual feelings and tendencies.

12/12/2007 10:29:12 AM


Don't be hard on yourself. You're not that stupid, obviously you figured out how to post here.

12/12/2007 10:35:10 AM


Floatingaxe + Homphobia + Stupidity = Floatingaxe is eternally screwed!

12/12/2007 10:39:41 AM


@Brian X:
Dammit, that was going to be my example, too. Particularly apt, for someone dribbling on an internet forum.

12/12/2007 11:36:37 AM

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