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[scary shit]

The nonprofit Institute for Creation Research in Dallas wants to train future science teachers in Texas and elsewhere using an online curriculum. A state advisory group gave its approval Friday.......

And the course Web page for "Curriculum design in science" gives this scenario: "The school board has asked you to serve on a committee that is examining grades 6-12 science goals. ... Both evolutionist and creationist teachers serve on the curriculum committee. How will you convince them to include creation science as well as evolution in the new scope and sequence?"

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Dallas News 74 Comments [12/25/2007 2:36:14 AM]
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Submitted By: cui bono

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Execute Bush.

George Bush is a Terrorist.
911 Was an Inside Job.
Learn the Truth.

PS Whoever approved this Dallas News submission is an idiot. Its not even close to fundy. You atheists need to stop hating everyone that doesn't believe in Darwins theories. Seriously. If there's anything worse than a religious nut its an atheist fundie. Peace.

12/25/2007 2:39:50 AM


Hey, EB, Creationism is hand in hand with fundamentalism. Considering that creationism is a form of fundamentalism...

Also, this 'darwinism' you speak of is about as unlikely to be the origin of species as me dropping the laptop I type this on and it ending up on the ceiling, instead of the floor.

And, these idiots are trying to get superstitious nonsense taught in schools, or get a key portion of biology to not be taught in schools. This IS something to get worked up about.

12/25/2007 2:56:30 AM


@Execute Bush: No one gives a shit.

12/25/2007 3:04:12 AM


to EB: yes, it's fundie. creationism isn't fact--evolution is fact. why on earth should teachers be pressured to teach something that ISN'T TRUE, just to appease the world's ignorant bible thumping fundamentalists?


12/25/2007 3:04:36 AM

Execute Bush

LOL... I consider myself an open minded individual. With that being said, evolution is not fact. It is theory. Just as much as creationism is a theory. Do i believe the earth appeared from nowhere 6,000 years ago? Of course not. But to say we came from monkeys/apes/whatever sounds just as farfetched to me. Nobody knows. But one thing is for sure. Evolution is a THEORY, not a fact. So i would have no problem at all with my children hearing different THEORIES in school as to how we as humans came to being.

PS Join Republican's For the Execution of George Bush. It's for the betterment of mankind ;)

Most Sincerely Yours,

A Republican

12/25/2007 3:11:55 AM


"You atheists need to stop hating everyone that doesn't believe in Darwins theories"

What an idiot. Let's see, you obviously don't have basic grasp of science and you're gonna tell me you can 'prove' anything about Bush.

For the record, I think Bush is the front man for some very powerful and not-so-secret right-wing groups. The CIA infiltrates and often funds every terrorist group out there. Bin Laden, Saddam, Noriega, Pinochet, Samoza, Marcos E & P, Duvalier, just off the top of my head, were all trained by the US. There is not much a rich person will not do to stay rich, there never has been.

12/25/2007 3:24:29 AM


@Execute Bush: Do we have to argue to you what a theory in a scientific sense is versus what a theory in everyday sense is now? Look evolution is a fact. There is no doubt among scientists that every species alive on Earth today has come from a result of continuous changes in their alleles over the course of millions of generations, including humans. A quick search on PubMed will reveal just how much research has gone into this. What is a theory is the mechanism by which evolution happens. A theory, in a scientific sense, is our best conclusion to explain all the evidence that we have. It is not a guess. Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is still a theory because it still has the potential to be replaced by a better one. But in the 150 years it has existed in the scientific field of biology it has not and has stood firm.
Creationism doesn't even come close to a theory, it's not even a hypothesis. All it is is a pathetic attempt to rationalize the myths of desert nomads some three thousand years ago by finding evidence that appears to support the Bible and silencing any opposition. That is not scientific at all and that is why it should not be taught in a science class.

12/25/2007 3:26:21 AM


"With that being said, evolution is not fact. It is theory. Just as much as creationism is a theory."

If you don't know what the word theory means, and this sentence pretty much shows that you don't, stay out of adult conversations and go back to your tv and movies.

12/25/2007 3:26:39 AM


EB: Are you so desperate to get on here? I hope you understand the word 'theory' in science is not the same as what the average Joe's definition.

And yes, Bush is a war criminal who should be impeached and jailed for life. But execution will not right any of his wrongs, or bring the world back to some sort of morality. If anything, you're nothing more than a mirror of him by your posts.

You're not going to find any allies here. I apologize.

12/25/2007 3:28:42 AM


As our science education goes...so goes our economy. I'm sorry to say but this new generation of americans will have some pretty hard times.

12/25/2007 3:31:59 AM


"How will you convince them to include creation science as well as evolution in the new scope and sequence?"

Show some real evidence, then you can talk.

12/25/2007 3:39:41 AM


[b]@ EBNo one cares about you or what you say.

That being said, I'm not suprised that the TX BoE has looked in Creationism again as a "replacement" for evolution.

12/25/2007 3:50:09 AM

Execute Bush

LOL... This site continues to amaze me. Seriously. Osiris gets the only thumbs up for intelligent conversation (though i must admit i'm biased, i always loved the egyptian pantheon). Illiminatalie is halfway there ;) at least she can recognize that the US funds most of the Terrorist organizations out there for our own "motives". Anyway....... The Evolution vs Intelligent Design Argument... Look, what it boils down to is personal conviction. I've been a student of the occult for 10+ years now. In my practices I've seen manifestations on this "plane" that can only be explained by the existence of some sort of higher power. Call it Yahweh, call it Allah. Theres something out there. Here's the whole point I was trying to make.... It seems to me that here at FSTDT we have turned into a breeding ground for hateful atheists. If you dont believe in god, ok fine, I still love and respect you as a human comrade.... However, just because you dont believe in a higher power doesn't make evolution any more factual, and it doesnt give you the right to persecute someone for believing differently. I'm just tired of atheists on this board condemning believers just for believing. Condemn fundamentalism all you want, its dangerous. But i have a right to my beliefs so long as i do not FORCE them unto another (fundamentalism). So please attack fundamentalism, and stop being atheist fundamentalists and attacking me for believing in God/Goddess/FSM. As far as "creationism" not being a theory Osiris you are half right there. But that depends on how you define "creationism". I'm not a christian. I'm an Egyptian Pagan Gnostic Hermeticist, so my view on creationism is about as far from the christian view as it gets, (and alot less absurd sounding I might add ;)..

PS Some of you nonbelievers have hateful and spiteful words. If you want to debate theology, fine with me. If you want to debate politics, better still ;) But I WILL NOT get into an internet toughguy namecalling match. Be advised. Thank you.

PPS If you study Darwin, you'll find he was the father of the Eugenicist movement (hope i spelled that right). Put's alot of his theories into a political context if you ask me.

PPPS Ignore the spelling and grammar errors, I type fast and don't waste time on corrections.

12/25/2007 3:56:04 AM


"911 Was an Inside Job"

What do you mean "was"? I thought the job of 911 dispatcher was still indoors. Are they really making these poor dispatchers work outside, do they at least get to go to the park?

12/25/2007 3:56:57 AM


"I'm an Egyptian Pagan Gnostic Hermeticist,"

Is that latin for dummy?

12/25/2007 3:59:41 AM


Do please submit these manifestations to scientific scrutiny, EB. Until then, I'll quietly laugh from this side of the screen.

Hell, this guy will give you a million bucks for it.

12/25/2007 4:02:10 AM


@Execute Bush: Okay we've got a whole lot of crazy here. First of all, N-O spells NO! Charles Darwin was not the originator or the creator of eugenics or Social Darwinism. Cases of eugenics have been practiced all through out human history with the earliest being that I could find ancient Sparta, and I'm sure there are more ancient cases as well. As for Social Darwinism, I don't know if you care or not but consider this a preemptive strike, was invented by Hubert Spencer, who grossly misinterpreted what "survival of the fittest" means and what it applies to. By the way "survival of the fittest" that the one who produces the most offspring is the fittest, since they must have traits that have allowed them to survive that long. It does not mean going out and shooting or poisoning people you deem inferior and it does not help the gene pool because no one has a bullet immunity gene. In the end all you're doing here is an ad homenem, you can't find evidence to attack evolution directly so you're attempting to side-step the issue by brining up an unrelated, and might I add bullshit, attack on Darwin's character. You're dealing with a student of biology and critical thinking here.
As for people who post hatefull things it usually means one of two things
1) It's a joke, this goes for most of quotes we get here.
2) They mean it, in which it always goes towards someone who has committed horrible crimes against both their fellow man and common sense. I personally only comment on passages I deem funny or deserve to be "pwned". I have no control over what gets submitted, and frankly none of us do. Most people who submit to this site have a clear distinction between a normal religious person and a fundie. Some do not and due to that and a lack of adequate approval methods, we end up getting people who wern't being serious, were actually making fun of fundies, or were from genuine fundies who just weren't being fundies.
Lastly, I'm not even going to bother touching your beliefs with a ten inch pole. You're perfectly fine to have your beliefs and we will leave you alone. We might mock you if you try to force it upon us. As for this post, it's exactly what that is. These people have their beliefs but that's not enough, they want to force it onto our children and other people's children through the public school system by dressing the Bible in a lab coat and calling it science. That's why we mock or are even hateful towards creationists, because they are forcing their religion onto our children and confusing the rest of the American populace over what science really says.

Good day sir!

12/25/2007 4:13:43 AM


"Look, what it boils down to is personal conviction."

Science is not about personal convictions. It's about collecting evidence and using constructs called theories (roughly analogous to the word theory, as you use it). Did you know there is no law of gravity, just a theory of gravity? Is the theory of electricity in question when you use a computer to post on the web? I am not an atheist. I do not think science completely describes the world as it exists. But I do not see any use of teaching christian creationism AS IF IT WERE science. If science and facts contradict your beliefs, adjust your beliefs. Or remain a child.

What is this about Darwin being the father of eugenics? That to me is silly talk. Concepts of eugenics have been around for millenia.

12/25/2007 4:13:59 AM


Is anyone surprised that a 9/11 twoofer also believes something as stupid as creationism? It's more anecdotal support of the trend that when one's credulous toward one thing, one's likely to be credulous towards others.

Besides, anyone whose imagination convinces them 9/11 was faked by our government despite the very obviousness of the fact it wasn't is probably too far gone to understand the reality of science, anyway. Let's just mock him and his tinfoil hat and get back to mourning the continued attack on education that, if allowed to continue, is going to result in the US sliding even further behind the rest of the world.

12/25/2007 4:14:22 AM

Execute Bush

@Necronomikron Randi has been spoon fed proof for a decade by known occultists. You'll never hear about it. He never pays up. PS The Nec was a fake, but i could point out a few that aren't if your up for night of hell (literally ;) ).

@Andrew At a loss for constructive conversation? And yes, I'm an Egyptian Pagan Gnostic Hermeticist, why don't you do some research and find out what that is, before you resort to childish namecalling. Thanks. ;)

@Ex-Fundie What's a twoofer? And for someone so versed in science, why don't you explain to me how it is possible within the Newtonian Laws of Physics for the 2 WTC's to fall Straight down in on themselves, reduced to a pile of rubble and dust without the use of conrolled explosives in less than 10 seconds. Go on, explain it, I'll wait....... Still waiting........ You can't can you? After all, it IS against the Newtonian Laws of Physics. Think about that. Think long and hard... If you still dont get it go back to 8th grade physics, and give me a holler when you've digested the basic course. Thanks. And have a really nice day.

12/25/2007 4:16:08 AM


It was a serious question. Based on your previous comments combined with your lack of understanding when it comes to the scientific method and definition of the word theory it seems appropriate.

Also what is up with the random caps thing, were you not aware that it's a big fundie red flag?

12/25/2007 4:19:36 AM


EB: Well, then, if he's been 'spoonfed proof' by 'occultists' and he just refuses to pay up... where's this proof?

12/25/2007 4:25:13 AM



There is a law of gravity and a theory of gravity. The law of gravity is that the force of gravity is proportional to the masses and inversely proportional to the distance between the objects in question (there's a formula for this that I can't recall at the moment). The theory of gravity involves the shape of spacetime and stuff (as per a really oversimplified explanation of general relativity). Theories and Laws are separate things in science. Laws are simple statements of the operation of things that happen in a 100% predictable way. Theories are frameworks that explain phenomena consistent with all available evidence and observations. Theories do not graduate into laws (contrary to popular misconception), but laws do contribute to constructing theories.

12/25/2007 4:27:09 AM

Execute Bush

@Andrew *yawn* do some research young one. I'm off to the bar to celebrate christmas.. will check back in a bit..

PS I like using random caps as a way to emphasize certain words. If you judge intellect by the way a person capitalizes his logos when typing 100+ words a minute with better things to do than i pity you my friend, you pass up many a great person, and you get a red flag for prejudice. Analyze that.

12/25/2007 4:27:28 AM


Ex-fundie : I learn something new every day. Thank you for the clarification.

12/25/2007 4:27:59 AM

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