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[In response to a comment complaining about creationists trying to rewrite the definition of science]

why dont you want them to 'rewrite the definition of science.' i mean how are you so sure that science is right in the first place..

jimmychochang, youtube 27 Comments [12/27/2007 7:55:21 AM]
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... Uh, because we can test science, dipshit!

12/27/2007 8:18:15 AM

How are you sure that that computer and the adobe technology are letting your message be spread?

12/27/2007 10:32:51 AM


Because science works.

12/27/2007 12:02:36 PM

Mister Spak

Let's rewrite the bible. i mean how are you so sure the bible is right in the first place?


12/27/2007 12:34:55 PM


Science... like the kind that helped to harness electricity, create vacuum tubes, transistors, resistors, microchips, memory chips and the computer you are using?

I would say Science is right, and your blindfolded view of the world is wrong.

12/27/2007 12:39:55 PM


The certainty that Science is right comes after putting science and religion to the test. Only Science does not contradict itself or the reality we see around us.

12/27/2007 12:49:42 PM


"why dont you want them to 'rewrite the definition of science.' i mean how are you so sure that science is right in the first place."

If you don't understand the difference between the CONTENT of science and the DEFINITION of science, stop talking and start reading. Please.

12/27/2007 1:04:30 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Science "learns" more all the time.

The fundie alternative smells like butt.

12/27/2007 1:53:08 PM


*points to the computer*

That's how. Next question?

12/27/2007 2:05:29 PM


Because science subjects itself to scrutiny and corrects itself when it is wrong, unlike creationism. Instead, when creationism is proven wrong - and believe me it has - it ignores it and carries on regardless.

12/27/2007 2:43:18 PM


Scientists at the LHC in CERN in Switzerland have recently discovered that the difference between science and religion is that everybody believes science, whereas religion is different for everybody, and unproveable, and undisproveable, thus, in fact, religion is not science.

Back to you, Jim.

12/27/2007 4:33:55 PM


Mr. Spak FTW

12/27/2007 4:50:18 PM


"The chief characteristic of a scientific religion is that its curses really work" - Salvor Hardin (Isaac Asimov)

12/27/2007 5:08:10 PM



12/27/2007 5:22:16 PM



12/27/2007 5:36:21 PM


Because science under the current definition works.

12/27/2007 5:37:25 PM


Because it's like changing the rules in the middle of a game so only you can win.

12/27/2007 6:01:32 PM

David D.G.

Brain_In_A_Jar: I love the Foundation quote -- very nicely appropriate here!

~David D.G.

12/27/2007 6:07:21 PM


Must you be such a tard?

12/27/2007 6:46:45 PM


Great quote, but I'd be wary of letting the fundies get their hands on a phrase like 'scientific religion'.

They already claim pretty much every scientific viewpoint is a religion anyway, if they found out that someone like Aasimov said that, they'd consider it proof.

12/27/2007 6:52:10 PM


All together now: "Science: It Works, Bitches"

12/27/2007 7:19:47 PM


12/27/2007 9:09:28 PM


BlackMageJ, perhaps I should have qualified the quote better. The quote is not a general one, but referring to a specific instance in the foundation saga when a "religion of science" really is created. <Spoiler Alert> Powerful enemies of the technically weak Foundation demand their scientific support; they give it to them in the form of a kind of incomprehensible "magic" surrounded by mysticism, ritual and notions such as the "galactic spirit". Their enemies believe themselves to have subjugated the foundation and taken their technological power for themselves - right up until the Foundation-loyal high priests cut the power and the lower castes, whose training has been entirely empirical, are utterly able to think how to take back control of the machinery they never really understood.

12/27/2007 9:17:25 PM

Old Viking

Our thingee works. Your thingee doesn't.

12/27/2007 10:23:51 PM


I am not always sure that science is right, it is constantly changing in an attempt to make itself right. On the other hand I am sure that creationism is unchanging religous dogma that fits no definition of science and is totally WRONG(just like the competing creation stories of 40 other religions).

12/28/2007 2:36:19 PM

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