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[Teachers banned a nine-year-old boy from his class Christmas party because his parents had barred him from religious education lessons.]

Christmas means Christs birthday, so parties for that are to celebrate the birth of Christ

Helen Collins, london uk, Dailymail.co.uk 32 Comments [12/27/2007 7:40:18 PM]
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Congrats Ms. Collins for your ability to live successfully without the usage of a heart.

12/27/2007 7:49:23 PM

The Watcher

Okay, that's not even...literate.

12/27/2007 7:50:54 PM


Bloody Christians stealing pagan holidays and then trying to pretend the are their own.

12/27/2007 8:15:57 PM


Some day the Brits will reach the same conclusion the American founding fathers came to 220 years ago: no established religion.

12/27/2007 8:23:01 PM


let's recapitulate:

the winter solstice,

finally Christ (born in the spring 4BC)

yes very much a Xian festival.

12/27/2007 8:41:21 PM

Yes, with Santa and everybody except the host. Thanks for clarifying that.

12/27/2007 8:50:46 PM


Ah, the Daily Mail.

Widely known as the 'Daily Liar' it's the UK's equivalent of 'Wing Nut Daily'.

12/27/2007 9:09:20 PM

Old Viking

Fundy Love: Disapprove of the parents? Punish a six-year-old child. It's what Jesus would do.

12/27/2007 9:27:49 PM

Fed Up

This is the Daily Mail...

If the story isn't referenced elsewhere, it's probably bullshit.

@john - so why is the US the country with all the bible-bashing fundies?

12/27/2007 9:33:46 PM


This isn't even remotely fundie. The reason he got banned from it is, well, because Christmas IS RELIGIOUS. sheesh. Exactly what Mrs. Collins said.

12/27/2007 9:44:13 PM


So Jesus victimizes a nine-year old.

Suffer little children indeed!

12/27/2007 10:46:10 PM


To sodapop

The reason it is fundie is that she supports the teachers position to ban a small child from a party because his family are non believers. Why would you have to believe the story to be real to enjoy a party with your classmates?

It's a festive party for kids, it doesn't matter if it is for jesus or Garfield the cat. The inability to realize that is what separates a fundie from a human being.

12/27/2007 11:36:07 PM


Yay for ostracizing children to try and prove a point.


12/28/2007 12:06:29 AM


So, the boy learned that your "Peace on earth, goodwill to men" is nothing but bullshit.

Way to go fundtard!

12/28/2007 12:13:02 AM


I thought that Christmas parties in school were about free junk food, not having to do anything related to schoolwork for a good portion of the day, and Movie Day.

Guess I was wrong, then!

12/28/2007 12:27:50 AM


Yes, we celebrate the birth of Christ by decorating a pinetree, having a man in red hand out presents and kissing under a mistletoe.

Very christian.

12/28/2007 1:05:48 AM


My kids go to a school that has a May Day celebration. They let the Christians participate.

12/28/2007 1:26:36 AM


Ah, Yule. That traditional middle eastern festival, when morale is lifted through the cold, snowy grey winter with feasting, merriment and the exchanging of gifts.

12/28/2007 2:25:18 AM



12/28/2007 2:34:01 AM


"Some day the Brits will reach the same conclusion the American founding fathers came to 220 years ago: no established religion."

I'll agree we need to get rid of the established religion thing, but we have far fewer problems with fundamentalists than the USA seems to. I know very, very few practicing christians.

12/28/2007 2:40:24 AM

Caustic Gnostic

I think the solstices were the first significant days to be observed...the winter solstice certainly, as soon as the superstitious primitives realized that the sun would not sink forever beyond the southern edge of the world.

Great news! A righteous thing to celebrate! Good cheer to all!

...except, of course, the innocent targets of ostracism.

Cheap-souled wretch of a teacher! I urinate.

12/28/2007 2:46:29 AM


Wow, don't bother giving specifics so I can evaluate the situation.

12/28/2007 5:26:38 AM


Hooray! Trauma!

12/28/2007 3:59:42 PM


If you read(to the very, very end) of the article it appears that the teacher was reversed by the schoolboard and had to have a second party, just for him. Hopefully the teacher had to pay for it out of his own pocket(serves him right, self-righteous twit).

12/28/2007 6:03:58 PM


Please let this be a lie. I can't stand it when fundies victimize the youth

12/31/2007 6:58:21 AM

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