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Beyond all that, I've heard whispers of witches cursing drug shipments destined for the noses of stars in Hollywood.

Autumleaf, Christianforums 51 Comments [12/30/2007 3:18:47 AM]
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What a strange fucked up world you live in.

12/30/2007 3:25:27 AM

cool cats

Like I said on another post...

"Yeah, schizophrenia is like that."

12/30/2007 3:27:19 AM


If it could possibly be true... Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

12/30/2007 3:31:21 AM


The whispers are from inside your own head, putz.

12/30/2007 3:44:37 AM


12/30/2007 3:47:16 AM


That's nice. What kind of world would we live in, if we didn't hear whispers from demons?

12/30/2007 4:17:50 AM


Well, it's about time!

12/30/2007 4:19:38 AM


Whispers of witches? Bzzzzt. No.

12/30/2007 5:14:27 AM

Caustic Gnostic

There is a disturbance in the Stupid. As if millions of...awfuck, whatever.

12/30/2007 6:23:44 AM


The white coats have been looking for you, Autumn.

12/30/2007 6:51:13 AM


I'm a Wiccan, and I'm getting a kick out of this. ^_^

Seriously, though, would casting a curse like that really be worth the karmic backlash?

12/30/2007 9:14:48 AM


What about the shipments intended for other body parts? Hear any whispers about them?

12/30/2007 9:29:50 AM

That's because you took those drugs first.

12/30/2007 9:42:43 AM


Seriously, though, would casting a curse like that really be worth the karmic backlash?

How big a backlash are we talking about? Because I've been wanting to see something utterly humiliating happen to Tom Cruise for years now, and a noseful of cursed drugs sounds like it should have some hilarious results.

12/30/2007 11:48:21 AM


This is laugh out loud funny.

12/30/2007 12:08:00 PM


Witches? Curses?

What part of the Dark Ages are you living in, Autumnleaf?

12/30/2007 12:23:16 PM


Must be one hell of a curse, to make Class A drugs fuck you up more than they already do.

12/30/2007 12:31:15 PM


There's an argument against taking drugs if I ever heard one

12/30/2007 3:15:58 PM

Count Spatula

Lying for Jesus?

12/30/2007 3:20:52 PM

Sigmund Freud

Please die soon.

12/30/2007 3:45:52 PM

Sigmund Freud

"What part of the Dark Ages are you living in, Autumnleaf?"

The really dark part.

12/30/2007 3:47:09 PM


I bet you think a witch cursed your drugs, don't you?

12/30/2007 5:27:16 PM


Christians stand up for Hollywood's right to snort things and then be on tabloids.

12/30/2007 6:17:20 PM

Doctor Fishcake

Methinks Autumnleaf has Lindsay Lohan in his 2007 deadpool, and is hoping she'll finish herself off either tonight or Monday...

12/30/2007 6:35:41 PM

Why aren't they aiming at fundies drugs?

12/30/2007 6:43:38 PM

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