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A few days ago in a thrift store I was looking at a “50th Anniversary Issue” of “Reader’s Digest” Magazine, from 1972. 50 years before the founder of the publication said that he had dedicated himself to the betterment of mankind. -Ah, that is the error. It is important. But it focuses on what would be the second of Christ’s commandments, without primarily exalting the first! So he fell (IMHO) into error. He may have had the best of intentions, but his priorities were not correctly balanced.

pabramson, CSE blogs 3 Comments [12/31/2007 6:05:36 AM]
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What kind of asshole God would insist that you suck up to him before helping out a fellow human in need?

2/21/2008 9:42:13 PM


The kind of asshole God they revere

That total bullshit; responsible for everything, responsible for nothing, God they speak of.

I don't know why they think this would ever work. You're never going to achieve Heaven, besides the fact it doesn't exist no one can possibly meet the requirements.

anyone that says they can are huge liars

avoid them at all costs

2/23/2008 2:52:27 AM

Father Heathen

Meaning of life = hand-jobs for invisible sky daddy?

2/23/2008 3:32:40 AM

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