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I see most are wishing everyone for Christmas. I was wondering if people know the true meaning of this festival? The pagan ritual of Saturnalia, which the Catholics “made” Christian, which the Protestants failed to “protest” against, of which the story, the peripherals (trees, yuletide log, presents, mistletoe, Santa, etc), are all terribly pagan, idolatrous and thus evil? My wife and I refuse to celebrate this act of blasphemy - despite the “good intentions” one may claim to have - and are being percecuted as a result!

Ekkman, CSEblogs 8 Comments [12/31/2007 3:47:40 AM]
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At least he knows his history.

2/26/2008 8:14:55 PM

Epicurus' sock puppet

If by "people" you mean non-brainwashed Christians, then yes, people DO know the true meaning of this festival.

2/26/2008 8:20:21 PM


Good for you!
Why don't you shut up about it too?

Atheists like Christmas cause it's fun (Especially when you don't waste time on the Christ shit)Some people just don't like the money issue and invent Dogma so they don't have to by presents or spend time and energy and money on decorations.

Being fat, lazy and cheap creates new Dogma

2/26/2008 10:50:40 PM


Prececution?! Oh, Humanty!!

2/4/2010 11:17:25 AM


Sure we'll take holiday back. Now about Easter...

2/4/2010 1:51:29 PM

caustic gnostic

It seems that just about every tribe on the planet celebrates the passing of the winter solstice with feasts, gift giving, and merrymaking, no matter what they call their holiday.

By all means, stay away from all the parties. You'd be a downer anyway.

2/4/2010 3:43:01 PM

Crimson Lizard

People don't want to spend their holidays around a pair of boring, self-righteous killjoys who see it as their divine mission to ensure nobody has any fun, ever. In short, you're not being persecuted, you're just assholes.

7/18/2011 10:07:28 PM


If you're going to make decisions you're going to have consequences to them. That's how the world works.

8/9/2011 9:49:54 PM

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