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[Re: Al Gore / global warming]

The needed plan for planetary redemption? Since when does the planet need to be redeemed? OUR redeemer was here, left, and will come again. It seems that Gore is in the camp that believes that we have to make this planet perfect before Jesus will return. As if we could do anything that grand.

Theresa, Rapture Ready 18 Comments [12/31/2007 7:10:31 PM]
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Wasn't there a passage in the bible that said that god would destroy those who destroyed the Earth?

2/2/2008 8:10:08 PM


Inferiority complex much?

2/2/2008 8:53:46 PM


OUR redeemer was here, left, and will come again.

Dead people don't come back, Theresa, because they don't "leave" and continue to exist in some other world; they cease to exist altogether. The very atoms that once made up their mental structure gradually disperse. There isn't even the possibility of their coming back.

2/2/2008 9:36:17 PM


there's nothing to stop her looking after the place for him

2/2/2008 10:13:27 PM

Father Heathen

Preserving the biosphere that sustains life on this rock might be a little more important than humoring delusions based on cheap Krishna knock-offs.

2/2/2008 10:40:33 PM


It seems that Gore is in the camp that believes that we have to make this planet perfect before Jesus will return.

Well, wouldn't you clean your house up if you were having company over? Especially if it's important company? I mean, duh.

10/30/2009 3:20:10 PM


Fundie in a nutshell - people are worthless, worship Jebus.

10/30/2009 4:25:25 PM


Ah yes, but some of the events in revelation DO have to be fulfilled in order for Jesus to come back right? Is that why the Bush Regime was trying to start WWIII?

Environmental responsibility = Fuck It.

10/30/2009 5:32:20 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Jesus is a myth for stupid people.
Theresa's extinction at her own hands is inevitable and welcome.

4/11/2011 4:28:29 PM


Jesus fuck these people have no sense of responsibility whatsoever, do they?

Ask them to be kind to their fellow man, or at least not be a sanctimonious blowhard, bent on making everyone around them miserable? Fuck it, God will forgive me because I believe in Jesus, so i can be as much of an insufferable prick as I want.

Ask them to rein in their consumption of resources, and consider that their actions may have an impact, if not now, on our next generation's lifestyle, or the one after that? Fuck it. Jesus is coming soon...it says so in the Bible...you know, the one written a few millennia ago? Well it surely MUST be close now! So fuck it! Let's make sure we consume EVERYTHING on the planet to make sure God knows how much we appreciate it...even if it does turn it into a toxic waste dump.

Ask that they understand that they have to share this world with other people...even those they don't agree with? Nope, God said the planet is OURS, so everyone on it must subject themselves to our whims, and understand that they have to cover for us, while we act like petulant teenagers, stomping around, consuming and pushing those around that we can, GLORY HALLELUJAH!

4/11/2011 4:57:53 PM


In the absence of any possibility whatsoever that your dead Redeemer will ever do anything again, I think it is prudent for those of us who call this planet home to try and look after it. It's not like there's another planet just around the corner that we can move to if we completely fuck this one up, is it?

Of course, if we had the technology we could start to save our finite resources by ejecting fundies into deep space, where they can hover forever waiting for their Redeemer to appear.

4/12/2011 12:45:19 AM


So, just fuck the planet then?

11/17/2011 2:44:51 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Jesus is a myth for stupid bitches.

6/5/2012 12:53:28 PM

Professor von SCIENCE!

I'm convinced that the fucking fundies are just henchmen for a Captain Planet villain who wants to just fuck the world with his pollution cock that is Christianity. I'll name this villain Professor von SCIENCE!!!! Bwahahahaha!

7/13/2013 8:20:11 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Jesus: A myth for the dismally stupid.

8/12/2013 12:55:17 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Once again proving that only idiots buy into this bullshit.

1/16/2015 7:16:06 AM

What'd I Do

I'm just waiting for Quantum Mechanic to come through and comment again how stupid people who follow religion are.

3/10/2015 7:12:41 AM


God and/or Jesus told humans to be stewards of the Earth. We're not at the moment. We managed pretty well the first two million years or so, but the latest 500 years have been a disaster for Earth. If we keep it up, Earth will not be inhabitable for much longer. We don't have a Planet B, and don't you think God would be at least a bit miffed that we've destroyed the planet he created for us?

If (as usual) he exists at all, that is.

3/10/2015 7:17:19 AM

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