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their was no death until adam and eve sinned, so evolution wouldn't be work, if God wanted to use evolution to create the world he couldhave, but you need to know God creates everything right the first time, so evolution is one big fat joke, u feel me dog

j, amazon.com religion forum 48 Comments [1/1/2008 4:04:58 PM]
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Genesis doesn't say there was no death before the Fall. That was that lunatic Paul who came up with that idea. If there was no death before the Fall, why was God so worried about Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Life and becoming immortal?

1/1/2008 4:22:45 PM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

If "god creates everything right the first time," why did he allow the world to fall into such "sin" that he regretted his creation and caused a flood to drown every living thing except for one family and their floating zoo?

1/1/2008 4:47:51 PM


"God creates everything right the first time?" Well, by that logic, Islam is just as perfect as Christianity, both good and evil are important, the appendix never needs to be removed, and the rest of us are idiots. Like you.

1/1/2008 5:07:48 PM

Animals die too, did they sin too?. Plants die and many non-organic elements decay. Can you explain me how is it possible that an act of will from the humans can "affect" them?. Couldn't be that what the parabole means is that the act of sinning made them AWARE of the fact that they were going to die?

1/1/2008 5:22:36 PM


If God created everything right the first time, then He meant for the snake to talk Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and make Adam eat it also.
The whole thing is His fault so why was He mad about it?
That whole myth is retarded so what does that say about people who believe it verbatim?

1/1/2008 6:15:54 PM


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, "Your brain on Fundie-mode."

1/1/2008 6:18:13 PM


He did create evolution. Then why does the Earth (that he ceeated) have earthquakes, typhoons, monsoons, plate tectonics, disaterous droughts, etc.? And, no, I
won't feel you, dope.

P.S. Is english your second language?

1/1/2008 6:20:41 PM

If God creates everything right the first time, then why did he want to destroy things down the road? Remember the flood? Why did he need to separate people at Babble? Why did Adam and Eve go against his orders and still eat the apple? Why, so many times in the Bible, does God want to destroy people?

1/1/2008 6:28:35 PM


So then why did God flood the world again? And why is 99% of all things that ever lived on the Earth no extinct?

1/1/2008 6:44:56 PM

The Watcher

Holy begging the question, Batman!

Gee, do you think that if evolution were true (in contrast to the Bible), maybe there are OTHER parts of the Bible that aren't true as well? You know, considering that there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE for the crap you're citing?

1/1/2008 6:51:48 PM

Caustic Gnostic

If any deity created anything, it would be a fully comprehensive, autonomous, and opportunistic system. If performed in a suitably god-like fashion, it would have taken a fraction of a nanosecond. Everything evolved from that presumed zero point.

There's absolutely no evidence that a discrete supernatural entity has ever mucked about with the earth, other than in certain fairytale magic stories.

1/1/2008 7:04:46 PM


With all due respect, sir, I do not want to feel your dog.

1/1/2008 7:36:00 PM


You proceed from the premise that the Bible is correct. That is wrong, provably wrong.

P.S. I do not feel you, nor do my dogs feel you.

1/1/2008 8:00:41 PM


Those last four words really made it.

1/1/2008 8:01:23 PM

Old Viking

... everything right the first time ...

Tapeworms are perfect!

1/1/2008 8:08:16 PM


u feel me dog

No, homes, I don't. And by the way, when you come across a sentence, let me know.

1/1/2008 8:23:47 PM


Yep. God creates everything just as he wants it...and 'midgets are God's little punch line'

1/1/2008 8:33:37 PM


u feel me dog

Um, no thanks, I'd rather not if that's OK with you.

(Backs away, carefully not making eye contact).

1/1/2008 9:22:52 PM


So, if god makes things the way he wants them the first time then he created the world and people the way they are and the current state of the world is his fault. Thanks for the clarification.

1/1/2008 9:32:48 PM


So, that's what happened to your unicorns? They sinned.


1/1/2008 9:42:16 PM


After reading this I conclude that:

A) j needs to re-take his English classes.
B) j needs to take a course in logic and reasoning.
C) I need a drink.

1/1/2008 9:46:14 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Osiris, not sure what's meant in your post, but there have been mass extinctions before, up to about 95% I think...

u feel me dog
tickle me Elmo
shiver me timbers

1/1/2008 10:39:36 PM


Translation: la, la la la! I can't hear you!

1/1/2008 10:44:05 PM


What I want to know is why is this illiterate fucktard touching up dogs?

1/1/2008 11:53:30 PM

Madame Scarlet

No, evolution would ensure that species can adapt to new environments, which, considering the changing nature of the world, would make evolution much better than "getting it right the first time".

1/2/2008 12:04:28 AM

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