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***Shiny mirror award?***

Princess +frog+kiss=Prince (fairy tale)
frog+millions of years=man (adult fairy tale)

Evolution is only a process, imagined and concocted by ppl, who don't like the thought of answering to a holy God, for the wrongs they've done, after they die.
An over active imagination will never destroy the existence of the Biblical God.

Slash Gordon, Flickr: Axis of evo set 60 Comments [1/3/2008 10:32:06 PM]
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1/3/2008 10:37:13 PM


frog+millions of years=man(adult fairy tale)

I'm pretty sure anyone who's ever studied evolution will agree with you with about that.

1/3/2008 10:45:43 PM



1/3/2008 10:50:58 PM


Another stupid idiot who has no idea about evolution but feels qualified to pass judgement on it.

What a twat.

1/3/2008 10:54:33 PM


As you can see by this tree graph that mammals (including us) do not share a common ancestor with frogs.

1/3/2008 10:55:08 PM


"An over active imagination will never destroy the existence of the Biblical God."

Probably the only true thing he's said.

1/3/2008 11:00:42 PM

Look at the mirror baby, do you think that you're going to convince with the old argument "it's so because I said so"

1/3/2008 11:02:26 PM


dirt + breath = man (completely idiotic)

There's an irony about calling a perceived threat to religion a fairy tale when God is just Santa Claus for adults.

1/3/2008 11:04:22 PM


I'll answer to a holy god when one proves his/her/its existence to me conclusively and talks to me directly.
Whether you choose to accept it or not, evolution is a fact, not a fairy tale. That you are ignorant of the processes involved is obvious, so why not do us all a favor and educate yourself.
You'll sound less like an idiot.

1/3/2008 11:31:54 PM


Of course not, imagination created the Biblical God.

Administrator, however....

1/3/2008 11:32:51 PM


First of all, you have no clue how evolution actually works. Secondly, it has nothing to do with people not wanting to answer to God for wrongs done, but everything to do with the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

1/3/2008 11:34:49 PM


Frog + millions of years = oil business

limited oil supplies + hundreds of years of explosive industrial development = electric cars.

Electric cars = win.

1/3/2008 11:35:10 PM


God = Fairy Tale

That's a much neater equation.

1/3/2008 11:40:57 PM

Old Viking

How stable is a belief which is threatened by scientific knowledge? Oh, and Slash, baby, ain't no one gonna answer to nodody after he dies. You haven't given serious consideration to the concept of death.

1/3/2008 11:46:08 PM


frog+millions of years=man (fairy tale)

True, fortunately the theory of evolution doesn't say that humans evolved from frogs.

1/4/2008 12:12:10 AM


Um, Osiris.

I think your illo shows that we (as vertebrates) do share a common ancestor with frogs, although we're certainly not descended from them.

1/4/2008 12:42:25 AM


"Creationism is only a concept, imagined and concocted by ppl, who don't like the thought of non-Christians not being punished horribly for the perceived wrongs they've done after they die.

An over-active imagination was what created the idea of the Biblical God."


1/4/2008 1:00:50 AM

I'm sorry, I don't take anyone who spells people 'ppl' seriously.

1/4/2008 1:02:38 AM


We have common ancestors with frogs. As we do with roses, kangaroos, potatoes and kittens. Having ancestors in common with something does not mean we came from them. I have quite a few ancestors in common with my sister but I did not come from her!

Now we'll wait for a fundy to say that evolution says we came from potatoes. Man, that CrAzY Charles Darwin sure was crazy! :)

1/4/2008 1:11:56 AM

TB Tabby

Do you know what the theory of evolution states about the existence of God?


Why not?

Because not only does belief in the existence of a diety have absolutely nothing to do with the theory of evolution, but to make any comment on it, positive or negative, would be a violation of the philosophy of science. Namely, that science can make no comment on the supernatural.

1/4/2008 1:42:50 AM


'As you can see by this tree graph that mammals (including us) do not share a common ancestor with frogs.'

um. you meant to say that we didnt evolve FROM frogs, we DO share a common ancestor. tard

1/4/2008 1:59:08 AM

Mister Spak

Creation is only a process, imagined and concocted by ppl, who don't like the thought of living in a world that doesn't care if they live or die, doesn't even know IF they live or die.
A belief in a bronze age myth will never destroy the reality of evolution.


1/4/2008 2:08:58 AM


There's a book, called 'The Fossils Say No', it's a real classic of fundie literature, which has those princess + frog equations, separated from the rest of the text and indented which makes it look like a real honest to goodness math example. And you can't argue with math.

I remember reading it 25 years ago, I had recently experienced a family member going fundy (yay), and this was typical 'literature'. Basically the point of that book was, the devil put fossils in rocks to make us believe in evolution. Side note - the other literature included books on demons, and describing demons materializing and possessing, eyewitness accounts and stuff. Even as a 15 year old kid, it occurred to me that only fundies seem to be seeing these demons, eh? So it's kind of funny for me to be reading about demons, still.

"An over active imagination will never destroy the existence of the Biblical God."
Nice word salad. How about : "An over active God will never destroy the Biblical imagination of the existence."

1/4/2008 2:17:39 AM


frog+millions of years=man

Acanthostega + 400 million years = frog and man

1/4/2008 2:19:42 AM


Dust + God = everything
Why does my 8 year old daughter 2 second grade class have better grasp on the the theory of evolution this fundie jerk off,
If your going try to debate or argue something at least know a little bit about the topic it is your debating ,Because its obvious judging by your very silly and very fundie post that you know absolutely nothing and are complete clueless buffoon and just another silly ignorant fundie 1 fool showing the world just how little you know about evolution and just how stupid and silly and how ill informed you fundies all really are when it come to this subject of evolution ..,

1/4/2008 2:45:43 AM

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