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All gays recruit. And this is what is going on! You are not born gay...you are recruited.

Sherrie, BaptistBoard 23 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I wonder if stupid recruits.

11/23/2006 7:01:43 PM


Then how did it start?

12/31/2006 11:13:08 PM


Gays don't recruit. Christians recruit.

12/31/2006 11:36:59 PM


I hear you. Not only do they recruit, but when times are tough, they sometimes order a draft.
/any offense for a pun

12/31/2006 11:54:22 PM



So how did I become bi then?

I can't remember signing up to anything...

12/31/2006 11:59:11 PM


No they don't.

4/27/2008 6:26:19 PM


I was recruited at the age of four?

1/1/2010 8:52:47 AM


MILF-chan: You were recruited by both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

That's how it works, right?

1/18/2010 8:55:59 PM


And stupid is contagious.

3/28/2011 1:48:27 PM


3/28/2011 1:58:03 PM


really? I must have missed that booth at my school's Job Fair.

4/14/2011 7:03:59 PM


Actually, since 'teh gay' is not really a choice, you cannot be recruited into it. If you're bi, you can lean one way or another. Religion is something you're recruited into.

6/4/2011 12:04:44 PM


Well the uniforms are cute.

6/4/2011 1:34:09 PM

Liberal Christian

Really? How did the first homosexuals come about?

6/4/2011 5:39:59 PM


I've known a handful of gay people since starting puberty, and none of them tried to turn me gay. Let me tell you, it wasn't for lack of opportunity.

6/4/2011 8:58:38 PM


Really, did I recruit my early girlfriends and wife? Seduction is not recruitment. They may try to seduce you but if you're really hetero-sexual it won't work.

How many of you fundies are sitting precariously on a sexual preference fence?

6/5/2011 6:39:23 AM

Like christians?

8/12/2011 8:21:30 AM

Dr. Shrinker

And yet, the threat of being killed by ignorant bigots isn't enough to make them go AWOL. Rejection by their families doesn't make them rethink their enlistment. The refusal of certain states to recognize their marriages isn't enough to make them say, "Screw this, I'm deserting."

I would say that your analysis of this situation is simplistic and shallow, but frankly I don't think you care.

8/12/2011 9:28:17 AM


It's certainly true I was not born gay, and somehow after all this time I don't expect to find myself recruited.

However I have heard stories from gay friends, which mostly share the common theme of confusion and uncertainty during their teenage years, sometimes extending into fear and denial depending upon the type of family they grew up in and the school they went to. Thankfully kids now seem to have it a little easier -- but not by much.

8/12/2011 10:47:16 AM


So, when did you choose to be straight?

4/22/2014 2:54:11 AM

rubber chicken

Just because they have parades...

4/22/2014 3:28:39 AM


The people who think that are the ones who repress their sexuality.

4/22/2014 6:04:07 AM


You seem to know a lot about this, dearie. So, how many new gays have you recruited?

4/22/2014 7:17:22 AM

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