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Now you may find this a little hard to understand , but the fact that this christian website exists testifies to the fact that their 'IS' a God and a christ.

Brain Damage, Christian Forums 18 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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And the fact that a banshee website exists? Oh, right, you hadn't thought before you spoke. I understand. I read here alot! Apt moniker BD.

6/26/2006 12:15:41 PM

Matty The Red

is it a coincidence that this persons name is brain damage?

1/21/2007 9:48:10 AM


Matty The Red/ No.

1/21/2008 4:26:17 AM


You're right, i don't understand.

Because it's nonsense.

1/21/2008 4:35:11 AM


They'll say anything won't they?

5/16/2008 5:11:24 AM


@Crosis: Ramen!

5/16/2008 5:39:52 AM

So, the fact that there are websites like Umma or Richard Dawkins means that both Islam and Atheism are real?

8/13/2009 11:16:39 AM


He didn't capitalize Christ. He is going to fucking hell.

8/13/2009 11:20:09 AM


The fact that FSTDT exixts proves there is no god, or at least none willing to take action on anything that happens on earth, so there.

8/13/2009 11:29:02 AM

Wow....i think your moniker should be BD as in BRAIN DEAD, not BRAIN DAMAGED....at least brain damaged people are smarter..

2/22/2010 7:39:27 PM

Quantum Mechanic

The fact that this christian website exists testifies to the fact that Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web.


2/22/2010 7:47:07 PM


What an apt username.

2/22/2010 7:51:18 PM

Crimson Lizard

A little too apt, if you ask me. I'm calling Poe.

7/1/2011 7:34:14 PM

Well, to be fair to us, it is pretty hard to understand a statement devoid of logic.

8/2/2011 1:27:47 AM


Poe, or another finalist in the "Clutching at Straws" contest.

8/2/2011 1:29:16 AM

J. James

Why is this surprising? It's already been established these people believe whatever they read.

8/2/2011 2:06:33 AM


Your username is so appropriate, and that site, and your existence proves that there is no loving god.

9/20/2013 9:37:46 PM

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