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Responses ignored due to conflicts of faith.

Crusadar, Christian Forums 8 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

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Tom S. Fox

Fundie mind in a nutshell.

10/12/2009 5:03:53 PM


I bet that's the error message on your internal computer, no?

10/13/2009 4:06:23 AM

Caustic Gnostic

Fundie divide-by-zero error.

10/13/2009 7:33:44 AM

What'd I Do

I know this is short, but holy shit is it sweet. It's actually among the fundiest comments I've ever seen - he's just blatantly admitting to being an insulated, petty, insecure little douche.

10/28/2010 7:17:23 AM


That's very sensible, actually. It's an acknowledgement that faith is illogical and indefensible.

1/17/2017 5:12:54 PM


A distilled version of the "La-la-la, I can't hear you" argument, I see.

1/18/2017 2:40:05 AM

rubber chicken

Conflicts of faith ignored due to irrelevance

1/18/2017 2:54:43 AM

Shepard Solus

Input ignored due to absence of capacity for thought.

1/18/2017 8:34:36 AM

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