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[Don't you just love a Christian hypocrite??]

Telling you to keep your mouth shut is hateful? Hmmmm....

Nitey nite!

Do NOT call me a hypocrite. A "Christian hypocrite" is an oxymoron. You obiously don't know what a Christian is.

MyHeart07, foru.ms 33 Comments [1/21/2008 7:57:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Moordryd

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But you obviously don't either, thus making YOU a hypocrite.

Epic win.

1/21/2008 8:00:27 PM

...Because it's physically impossible for a Christian to be a hypocrite.

You either don't know what a Christian is, or a hypocrite is. You lose.

1/21/2008 8:05:43 PM


Christians ARE hypocrites.

1/21/2008 8:10:09 PM


A Christian hypocrite is someone who claims to follow the Ten Commandments and still says that fags should die.

1/21/2008 8:33:44 PM


Christian hypocrites? We got a website of them. Have a browse...

1/21/2008 8:33:51 PM


I am completely at a loss for words... It... wow...

1/21/2008 8:44:09 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Argument from hypocrisy. Sweet.

Don't be telling ANY American to keep their mouth shut. If you can spew shit, so can everyone else.

Freedom of speech trumps the bible at every turn.

1/21/2008 8:48:48 PM

Captain Janeway

Actually, saying "Christian hypocrite" is almost always a redundancy of terms.

Clearly, you don't know what the word means.

1/21/2008 8:54:42 PM

And you haven't taken a dictionary in your life. Or used arguments, for that matter. Would you mind if WE ask you to shut your fucking mouth?

1/21/2008 9:02:20 PM


MyHeart07...taking the "oxy" out of "oxymoron".

1/21/2008 9:18:32 PM


I may not know what a Christian is (and who the heck does, anyway? Nobody is a TRUE christian...) but I know what a hypocrite is.

1/21/2008 9:31:52 PM

Old Viking

They're so used to spewing hatred, ignorance and bigotry that they consider it perfectly normal.

1/21/2008 9:44:08 PM


Wow. Just...I...


1/21/2008 9:50:16 PM


"Christian hypocrite is an oxymoron."

No, actually it's a redundency.

1/21/2008 10:03:12 PM

Doctor Whom

Then why does your own holy book warn against them so often?

1/21/2008 10:16:58 PM

Sideshow Bob

The biggest hypocrites often have the most righteous appearance. That's a large part of what makes hypocrisy so vile.

1/21/2008 10:31:16 PM


Well, I might not know what a Christian is, but I sure as fuck know what a condescending arsehole is, when I see it...

ETA: Oh look, this is the same person who says that: "I know everything about evolution vs. creation. My IQ has been tested more than once and I'm supposed to be 'brilliant'...big deal."

Yup, fucking tosser alright.

1/21/2008 11:10:20 PM


You think telling people to shut their mouths is nice?

If you think "Christian hypocrite" is an oxymoron your grasp of both concepts is tenuous at best.

1/22/2008 12:18:26 AM


MyHeart07 is right. A christian hypocrite is an oxymoron:

They are as stubborn as an ox
They are generally MORONS.


1/22/2008 12:32:37 AM


"Telling you to keep your mouth shut is hateful? Hmmmm..."
There's nothing to think about here! (Is there anything more pathetic than a fundy pretending to be 'lost in thought', anyways?)

"Do NOT call me a hypocrite. A "Christian hypocrite" is an oxymoron. You obiously don't know what a Christian is."
I do NOT call you a Christian. A "Christian with a fundy attitude" is an oxymoron. You obviously don't know what a Christian is.

1/22/2008 1:56:12 AM


No, Fundie intellelect is an oxymoron.

1/22/2008 2:19:36 AM


"Then why does your own holy book warn against them so often? "

Um, clearly because of commies, socialized medicine and gay marriage. I thought they made that clear. (sarcasm)

1/22/2008 2:36:13 AM


A christian is one who follows Jesus. A hypocrite says do as I say not as I do and uses their beliefs to come across as much more justified. You do more the latter. Hypocrite.

1/22/2008 4:27:45 AM


Only Scotsmen are true Christians.

1/22/2008 9:43:15 AM


Generally I find the phrase "Christian hypocrite" to be a tautology. Are you sure you know what a hypocrite is? It doesn't have wings you know.

1/22/2008 10:09:26 AM

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