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A father has been found guilty of wounding his two children by putting pins through their tongues and lips.

It was alleged the father told the boys he inflicted the injuries because God had his tongue cut off in the Bible.

At the 10-week trial, the jury was told the father would put clothes pegs on the children's lips and tongues.

The court also heard he cut their mouths with scalpel blades.

He was also accused of pressing the tongue of one of the children with sharp pliers until it bled and swelled.

It was alleged he would then stitch up the wounds with a medical kit.

The jury heard the mother of the boys would watch, or turn a blind eye, as their father carried out the attacks at their home.

Unnamed father, BBC News 69 Comments [1/23/2008 12:00:20 PM]
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I am truly and utterly disgusted by this. There is absolutely no way to excuse acts so vile to small children, and doing it on a religious basis (and finding it okay) is despicable. If I believed in a place such as hell, I would find it suiting you wind up there.

1/23/2008 12:07:14 PM


Child abuse for Jesus?

1/23/2008 12:15:58 PM

Margaret Murray O'Hell

God I love religion.

1/23/2008 12:23:03 PM


They haven't been found guilty/not guilty yet.
The mother seems fundie too, if it's true.

1/23/2008 12:25:14 PM


I know it is unenforcable and probably a violation of a individual freedoms, but parents should be banned from teaching their children religion, or interacting with them for any religious reasons until the children are 12 or something.

Seriously, nothing fucks up children more than religion (especially religiously inspired abuse).

1/23/2008 12:30:28 PM


The Bible - a Manual for Child Abuse

1/23/2008 12:32:47 PM

Mister Spak

I always thought it was evolution that caused these things.

1/23/2008 12:44:31 PM


This sort of abuse happens in all dysfunctional families and the mother looking away is all too common unfortunately, or even alleging a child is lying when they confide about the (sexual) abuse.

Now if you take that fucked-up ness and season with religious fundamentalism and a dislike for psychotropic medicine, you've got people drowning their kids for Jesus, chopping off limbs or this fixation with the mouth.

1/23/2008 12:52:59 PM

Doctor Whom

As horrible as it is, I suspect that if it weren't for fundamentalism, the father would have found some other excuse.

1/23/2008 1:05:33 PM


People like this (the father) should not have children, and I would approve if this man was to be castrated.
The mother is not without blame either. It's not clear from the article whether or not she approved of this abuse, or merely tolerated it because she was scared shitless the bastard would do something horrible to her too, but she still should have called in the authorities.
There is just no excuse for abuse.

1/23/2008 1:09:22 PM


"she was scared shitless the bastard would do something horrible to her too"

Call me a crazy bitch but I'm one of those moms that would happily sacrifice her wellbeing to make sure my child was out of harms way.

"Sure my kids are in agonizing pain and mental anguish but at least I'm unharmed!!" The best submissive wife any deranged mofo could ask for.

1/23/2008 1:36:12 PM


Looks like we need a new site - "fundies do the most f***ed up things"

1/23/2008 1:52:40 PM

Gary Oak

I think we can rule out poe.

1/23/2008 2:03:46 PM


That makes me sick to my stomach.
The problems is, where will the kids go now? They hopefully will be removed from the parent's home, but where will they go? Family members are most likely just as disturbed as the parents and State Care is not necessary a positive experience either.
This is how abusers and nut-jobs are raised!

It's sickening that the once who proclaime to love the most are the most deranged and evil!

1/23/2008 2:08:24 PM


Hmm, this is weird.

1/23/2008 2:29:19 PM


I would normally think that this was the result of a serious mental disorder.

However, as this was not mentioned - and they were found guilty - then I imagine that this was not considered to be the case by psychiatrists (who would certainly have been involved). I guess they are just fucking evil.

I'm not into schadenfreude, but they certainly won't have a very nice time in a UK prison - I imagine it's the same in the States. Stick to the snake handling, you utter cunts.

1/23/2008 3:07:58 PM


What the hell?! What lunatics. I hope they get put in a foster home or something, so they aren't raised by a woman who watched this happen and did nothing.

1/23/2008 3:08:42 PM


Both of these parents should do time.

1/23/2008 3:35:02 PM


He's possess by a demon!

He needs a blood letting!

1/23/2008 3:43:46 PM

I think that somebody posted it before. However, it still amazes me. I find terrible that:
a)he lies(nowhere in the Bible says that Jesus did such a thing)
b)That he misread some verse in which Jesus, as a way of METAPHORICAL example said: "if your tongue makes you sin, cut off your tongue"(confirming, again, the literacy skills of fundies)
c)that even if it were true, why didn't he do it himself?, or be a celibate like Jesus was and spare his kids of all that suffering(and that is patently verified)?.
Again, when somebody tries to justify his sadism with religion, he both disservice religion and is a total ASSHOLE.

1/23/2008 3:48:20 PM

Poisoned Rationality

Niobe: I'm with you on this one. Someone wants to hurt my child, they have to go through me first. And if I take the abuse so she doesn't have to, so be it (though they'd only do it once in either case).

1/23/2008 4:04:51 PM


Suffer the little children, indeed...

I think I'm gonna be sick.

1/23/2008 4:37:11 PM


Both parents are complicit. JAIL THEM!

1/23/2008 4:37:56 PM


May your next life treat you just as well, you sick bastard.

1/23/2008 4:38:33 PM


"God had his tongue cut off in the Bible."??

Why have I not heard this one before?

1/23/2008 4:40:58 PM

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