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[question - Christians: What is your view on heterosexual sodomy?]

That's an oxymoron. Why would a heterosexual want anal sex?

Twincrier, Yahoo Answers - Religion and Sprituality 85 Comments [1/25/2008 2:00:38 AM]
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Submitted By: hideous bitch goddess

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Because some women say it feels good.

1/25/2008 2:01:10 AM


Wow, what an innocent.

1/25/2008 2:02:34 AM


Because some guys just like sticking it up the ass.

(And if you ask me, I think they're closeted gays ;))

1/25/2008 2:03:21 AM


oh right... because it never happens? no hetero ever concidered anything aside of plain copulation, felatio...nooooo cunnilingus... noooooooo never. all acts of sodomy

1/25/2008 2:08:16 AM


Yeah, you obviously don't get out much...

1/25/2008 2:12:35 AM


sodomy, sodomy, sodomy! Why do you have to refer to it as sodomy? Bah!

1/25/2008 2:22:01 AM

Hawker Hurricane

"Sodomy" includes oral and anal... in fact, if you use the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), 'Sodomy' includes any sex act involving a penis, an orifice, and any position but the missionary. That's right, guys, 'Doggy', 'Cowgirl', 'St. George', 'Side-by-side', on a table, in the back seat, on a chair, standing up, all of it is 'Sodomy' under the UCMJ!

1/25/2008 2:25:44 AM


Well he sure ain't getting any.

1/25/2008 2:40:51 AM

Septic Sceptic

To think somebody could reach fourty, have four kids, and be totally oblivious to the concept of hetero anal.

My own feeling on the matter? Uhh, i'd like to take the fifth...

1/25/2008 2:51:18 AM


i heard that this weird thing called the prostate feels really awesome if you massage it with something ..

1/25/2008 2:53:55 AM


Maybe they like it?

1/25/2008 3:00:43 AM


Because it's like free contraception.

Because there are lolcats about it.

1/25/2008 3:03:18 AM


This is one of those "if you have to ask" type questions. What a n00b.

1/25/2008 3:09:31 AM


Because vaginas smell like fish, obviously.

1/25/2008 3:19:45 AM


Lol buttsecks lol

I nominate this for a "Definitely Not Getting Any" Award. If that award doesn't exist, it should.

1/25/2008 3:20:08 AM


Surprise buttsex!

1/25/2008 3:29:07 AM


because nobody straight ever appreciates some buttsecks.


1/25/2008 3:37:29 AM



1/25/2008 3:37:40 AM

Mattural Selection

"A man tells his friend that he is bored of his wife and the sexual rut that they had fallen into. The friend suggests "Why not just turn her over and give the other hole a go?". The man retorts "What? And have a house full of kids?"

1/25/2008 3:39:56 AM


What a tard.

1/25/2008 3:50:34 AM


*epic facepalm*

1/25/2008 3:59:26 AM


You're a virgin, aren't you?

1/25/2008 4:02:28 AM




*blink* *blink*

The stupid... it burns!

1/25/2008 4:57:52 AM

Maester Seymour's Mother

Because it feels hell of good? (And while not a heterosexual, I am a lesbian - so yes.)

1/25/2008 5:17:25 AM

Madame Scarlet

And why would a guy want a blowjob when he can get regular sex? Because only fucking one way is boring. You'd know that if you ever got any. (Also some guys prefer blowjobs to sex.)

1/25/2008 5:17:32 AM

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